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Shared Calendars disappeared from Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac

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Users within my organization using Macs (and Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac specifically) just within the last 3 days have had their shared calendars drop off from there client.

These calendars continue to show in the OWA, but they do not within the client and attempts to manually add them back via the OPEN CALENDAR button are not successful.  I've also tried deleting an account from the client and re-loading it, AND creating a completely new identity and synching that way.

Again, things were fine up until about 3 days ago when this occured.

Any help in getting this resolved would be greatly apprecaited.


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  • Hi Bpenticuff,

    To narrow down the root cause of issue I would like to verify some more information like:

    1. Does this happen with only Shared calendar and Emails and contacts items seem to be fine?
    2. Have you configured Auto Archive for Shared Calendar?
    3. Before creating new profile with Outlook 2011 were you able to see the items into the “Deleted Items” folder or now able to see it? If so then try to recover it form Deleted items:
    4. Have you checked with other Mac applications, as is there any database sleaze form Mac application end when OWA seem to be fine.
    5. Have you been upgrade with Office 365 Service Upgrade in last week?
    6. Which type of configuration do you use to connect with outlook Exchange, POP or IMAP?
    7. Meanwhile, share your concern with Office community for Mac for a rapid answer:

    However, there are some fields you can check to prevent the kind of issue reoccurring:


    Pratik Pandya

  • Hi Pratik,

    Thank you for your help with this issue.  In answer to your questions:

    1) Yes, this is only happening with Shared calendars, I have no reports or knowledge of Email or contacts being affected.

    2) I'm not familiar with Auto Archive for Shared Calendar, so no.

    3) No, I did not (nor do I on other systems where a new profile has yet to be created) see the missing Calendars in the Deleted items.

    4) There is no consistent Mac application applied to the affected users (all of our Macs essentially) that would explain this behavior.

    5) We were recently upgraded on March 29th.  We did not experience this issue until approximately April 9th.

    6) We use Outlook Exchange, connecting our Outlook 2011 for Mac clients with our Office 365 Exchange account.

    Additional information:

    - In addition to losing the calendars we have, it appears we are unable to add any shared calendars back.  We go through the normal process (OPEN CALENDAR, etc) and it takes the request but does nothing.

    - If we log into the OWA, we do see our calendars in Outlook 365 online, they are just not being reflected in the client whatsoever.

    - PC users in our organization have not reported any problem with their shared calendars.

    Thank you,

    Brandon Penticuff

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  • The 4 Mac computers in my office started doing the same thing just yesterday.  The PCs can still see shared calendars but Macs see none.  Given that this happened to someone else I am thinking it is an Outlook issue and not a user issue.  I will post any solution if I find one.


  • Hi Bpenticuff,

    Glad to get back your detailed answer.

    It seems the issue with Outlook Client 2011 perspective merely, I would like you contact with our specific channel for Outlook Mac for a robust solution


    Pratik Pandya

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  • We're experiencing the exact same issues.  A service ticket was filed last Monday and Microsoft has yet to make any progress.

  • Our Office 365 instance was upgraded over the last few days and since then we too have lost shared calendars in Outlook for Mac.  Shared calendars in Windows Outlook 2010 continue to work perfectly.

    I presume that the trigger for the problem is the Office 365 change.  Are you sure that posting in the Mac forum will lead to the solution?

  • We've been pushing our ticket through Microsoft service and they've identified it as a Exchange 2013 issue, not Outlook for Mac issue.  Over the past hour we've been getting our shared/delegate calendars back online - whether this is the result of our Microsoft tech doing something in the background or just a matter of coincidence is unknown.

    FWIW: Here is the Outlook for Mac post (where they push it back over to an Exchange issue) -

    Hope this helps,


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  • We are experiencing the same issue since our Office 365 has been changed over to the new format.  Most of the macs have now lost connection to the calendars (ONLY THROUGH CALENDAR VIEW).  All users are set to reviewers for each others calendars.  We are able to see them on the portal.  We are able to connect when scheduling a meeting (it shows correctly).

  • We are experiencing this same issue on all of our Macs as well.  The only way to that I have found to see someone else's calendar is to schedule a meeting using Outlook 2011 or use the web client.

  • Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the sharing an solution this might help MaineTim and Bobby to reach to a solution. You can also check your Service Health status for checking any kind of background maintenance activity is going in your region.


    Pratik Pandya

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  • Hi Pratik. How can we find out if this is a problem that Microsoft engineers are aware of and working on?  

  • Hi Richard,

    You can go to your Portal->Service Health; over there you can find individual service status and planned maintenance status for your region.



    Pratik Pandya

  • All of the "Service Health" for our account is working.  All of the Windows machines are working correctly.  To add a detail. Yesterday, a mac user on 2011 was able to see MOST of the shared calendars.  She then logged into the Web Portal.  When she returned to her local Outlook, ALL of her calendars were gone.

    This has to do with whatever changes have been made on the server.

  • Appears that Microsoft has fixed the issue.  Only 4 Macs in my office but all shared calendars are working as of this post.  Didn't restart the computer or program.  Calendars just reappeared.  Hope everyone else has had the same results.


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  • Glad to hear yours is back up.  We are still in same scenario.  Even tried rebuilding identity.  Will still wait.