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Getting users to launch in the cloud

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OK, so i've federated OK, got a couple of pilot users up and working, and I'm ready to rollout my wider scale pilot


I have an issue though, after I successfully migrate a user from our On-Premise 2007 Exchange solution, they show as completed in the "Move Mailbox" area, however, when they launch outlook it is connectnig to the On-Premise server still?


They CAN launch the OWA cloud service and see their mail in the cloud, but what do I need to do to get them working through their Outlook 2007 Client?


These users have logged off and rebooted, but after an hour it is still taking them to Outlook2007?

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  • Hello Alisdair,

    You'll need to follow the steps in the Deployment Assistant to setup your Autodiscover records.  In short, your local system needs to be setup so it redirects autodiscover queries for users in the cloud to a special service subdomain.

  • Autodiscover has been configured. The users outlook is asking for authentication at "" when launching outlook and entering credentials but the settings still point to the local server when checked.

    How do we force the changeover?

  • Now got to the poing where 50% of my pilot users cannot connect to their cloud based account by Outlook2007, although OWA works fine.

    people seem to be getting prompted to enter credentials for "" but no amount of credential entering seems to resolve connectivity, however other users are working OK using the same client adn giving the same autodiscover test results

    This is now putting our rollout in danger, can anyone advise of any possible lines of further investigation?

  • Hello Alisdair,

    Apologies for my late reply.  Any users you've pushed over to Office 365 should automatically get tagged with the necessary on-prem attributes to be directed to our autodiscover service.  If you're seeing them authenticate to that suggests the functionality is working, but if the settings aren't being updated that could be a problem with the local machine software or an issue with the machine itself.  Did part of your configuration set the Outlook autodiscover registry keys to force it to look at a local site or XML file, or something similar?  Have you previously used BPOS and the BPOS Sign In Application?  And have you run the Desktop Setup App on each of these machines?