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Android phone setup

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I can't find any settings or documentation on how to add an Android phone to Exchange (Office 365 standard). The mobile phone setup wizard in 365 support doesn't help -- I'd just like the server settings for Exchange ActiveSync (or Outlook Web App IMAP settings) so I can set up a number of different mobile devices for our vanity domain.


All Exchange mailboxes are set up and functioning fine via OWA and Outlook 2007 and 2010.  Autodiscover worked fine for the Blackberry's, but I currently have a user with an HTC Android 2.1 that cannot connect to the server no matter what we try. 


Thank you,



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  • Hello Deryl,


    I believe this article will help better answer your question:



    Please let us know if this helps resolve your issue.




    David Rummelhart

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  • Thanks David,

    Unfortunately, the instructions on that page apply to Windows Mobile and iPhone -- nothing for Android.  If I try to enter "" as the "server name", it's still unable to connect to the server on the Android phone.

    Note: there is also a field for the "Exchange server" name.  What should be entered into that box?

    Also, I am unable to login with my email address/password at (as explained on the page you referred me to): "The email address or password is incorrect. Please try again."


  • Would like to know the answer to this as well.

    My company has Blackberry BES users and Android Active Sync users.

    The ability to sync email, calendar and contacts is crucial.

    Tasks would be nice, but not a necessity.

    We at least need the same ability we currently have with in house or hosted exchange for our mobile users.

    Thank you!


  • I was able to get it to work with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). I just used this on the first "corporate account" screen:


    and then, on the next screen\


  • Thanks, but the ActiveSync settings are a little different for 2.2 Froyo...could you help with what fields you're actually entering?

    On Froyo, the setup fields, in order....are:

    Email Address

    Sever Address




    I've tried a lot of variations of avail.  I even tried the SMTP server as the server address with no luck...

    Any help is appreciated!

  • Email Address -

    Sever Address -

    Domain -

    Username -

    Password - bigboy

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  • @ Dajogejr & Deryl

    Tested on Droid 2.2 on HTC w/ sprint

    Settings > Accounts & Sync > Add Account > Exchange ActiveSync

    If DNS settings are correct, only the email address and password are required.
    If not, hit "manual setup"

    Email Address
    Sever Address
    Domain    <leave this blank>
    Password   <password>

    Tested on iPhone, WinPhone7, and Droid.  The "Server Address" is the only variable encountered.
    Different versions seem to prefer a different server address so try these if the mobile wizard instructions don't work.



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  • Leaving the domain field blank did it.

    Thank you very much for your assistance.

    I followed all the instructions to a T...none of them said to leave the domain field blank.

    Thanks again!!!

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  • For anyone having trouble using TouchDown, please note that a new beta is available which can directly connect with

    From my tests (with a style domain), here is how to connect

    Get the beta version (if your current touchdown version is lower than 6.4.0038b)

    Run Quick Configuration wizard in TouchDown (go to settings, click Quick Configuration)

    Click Next on the first screen

    On the second screen

    User ID : <Your email address>

    Domain : <LEAVE BLANK>

    Email address : <Your email address>

    Password : <Your password>

    Server :

    Click Next, Click Next, Click Next and it should run through the configuration and complete the setup. If setup fails and says Read timed out, press the Back button on the screen (not on the device) and press Next again to retry, after making sure your connection is fine and fast.

    This will not only get your emails, contacts, and calendar to TouchDown, but also Tasks and Notes, since 365 runs Exchange 2010, and you might also be able to send sms messages through the device from outlook if using Outlook 2010.

    Security policies in force will be automatically applied.


  • Does not work on Mytouch 4g which is android 2.2.  If its an android problem, this is still no good.

  • ok so I found everyone's server is different.  The easiest way to find yours is let it set up your outlook on your desktop, then access your email settings.  There you will find what your specific server is.
  • I just looked under File/Info in Outlook and it does indeed give you a server name other than - tried that on my Android phone and it seems to work great so far.



    I just entered that address (without the /owa/ )


    Thanks mploc1 :)


  • This worked for me..

    LG Optimus V  Froyo 2.2

    Domain\username = \

    Password = my password

    server =

  • htc wildfire ... this doesnt work for me, when i click finis then show me error "failed create the account. Please try again"

    android 2.2.1


    server adress:

    domain: (blank) --- when i write "authentication failed. Please verify username and/or password"


    password: ***************************

    this server requires an encrypted SSL connection (checked)

  • Hi Montfort, can you be more specific on what you did to get things to work on webOS?