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is it possible to view shared mailbox on iphone?

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I have managed to setup an office 365 shared mailbox, and configured outlook to see it also.


However, is it possible to see these mailboxes on an iphone? and also the ability to send from the shared mailbox email address (e.g. info@)  If either are possible how do go about configuring the iphone?



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  • Hey Rusty,

    I am not sure, I'd have to play around with it and unfortunately I don't have an iPhone. Because you can't connect the Shared Mailbox to an ActiveSync connection you can't modify the from address. I did come accross an interesting article that may help, I can't guarantee anything and this article covers different types of accounts but the overall setup is similar:

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  • I don't believe it is possible to configure a Shared Mailbox on an iPhone. However you can configure Send As permissions, see the below article to discribe how to do this:

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  • Hi Jorge,

    As per other post you kindly provided the send as instructions. Unfortunately, the iphone does not allow free form entry of the from address. I seem to only be able to select from a drop down list.  

    So i attempted to add the account as a new exchange account, but it will not verify (password error).  

    Any ideas on what else i could try?  

  • Hey Rusty,

    I am not sure, I'd have to play around with it and unfortunately I don't have an iPhone. Because you can't connect the Shared Mailbox to an ActiveSync connection you can't modify the from address. I did come accross an interesting article that may help, I can't guarantee anything and this article covers different types of accounts but the overall setup is similar:

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  • Hi Jorge,

    Cheers for the link, I will have a play around when I get a moment and shall post back with my outcome.

  • Hi rustyone,

    Does the reply above answer your question?

    Josephine Meng


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  • None of the above answer the question about Send As when used with an Exchange mail account and ActiveSync connection. This seems to be the best work-around we know of -

  • Why iOS 5 devices (Apple iPhone and iPad) can't work with Exchange shared mailboxes? Is it Apple side problem of current version of iOS 5 or Microsoft side problem? Will you plan add shared mailbox support for the iPhones and iPads?

  • Hello Milaggio,

    Thank you for letting us know your concern.

    Yes, currently, you cannot open additional/shared mailbox with ActiveSync account from a mobile device. However, you can open a additional/shared mailbox from Outlook client or OWA.

    Before going further, could you let us know your main purpose of using shared mailbox, to share emails, or calendar?

    To work around this problem, I would like to provide you with two suggestions for your reference.

    Suggestion 1
    If you want to access both emails and calendar in shared mailbox, I suggest you access your mailbox from your phone’s browser and open the shared mailbox following steps in article Open Another Mailbox.

    Suggestion 2
    If you just need to access emails sent to shared mailbox, you can also create a Inbox rules for shared mailbox to forward emails to your mailbx first. And then, create a Inbox rule to put these email into a special folder. After that, you can access emails sent  to shared mailbox from your mobile client. To do this,

    1. Access your mailbox in Exchange Online via OWA at

    2. Refer to steps in article Open Another Mailbox to open the Shared mailbox.

    3. Click  "Options --> See all Options -->Organize E-Mail --> Inbox Rules --> New" to create an Inbox Rule.

        Note: For detailed steps about how to create Inbox rule, please refer to article New Inbox Rule.

    4. Create an Inbox rule for your mailbox to put these emails into a special folder.

    Thank you.

    Jack Sun

  • Hello Jack Sun

    Thank you for your suggestions. It's best solution for working with shared mailboxes at this time from iPhone and iPad. Thank you one more time.

    But can you help with one more thing.

    How we can use "SendAs" options for sending e-mail's from iPhone/iPad from another addresses of DG?

  • Hi,

    Could you try this Link:

    This setting is not under Exchange. You may need to user IMAP to connect the office 365 mailbox.

  • Hi everyone,

    I have migrated to office 365 a couple of days ago. I have to admit that I kind of feel frustrated now as I stumbled over the same problem as described here,  just after  moving all my email content to office 365. Beforehand I have to say that shared mailboxes are very much used in our small company and in my opinion a very powerful tool nowadays  especially among sales teams handling first leads inquiries and help desk support where a group of people have to be able to have access to the shared mailbox because of different availability (time) of the team members etc. Now among the sales team its obvious that team members are a great part of their time working out of office where they still need to have access through their mobile phones or  tablets. Out of office members need to have full access to the full email conversation (also all the sent mails), which means that the workaround by setting up a forward email rule  to the main account of the user is a very weak alternative as it downgrades the whole shared mailbox feature to a banal pop account. Another very big failure is that without being able to get imap/exchange mail access to the shared mailbox from mobile devices hinders me to follow up on my teams progress about how incoming inquiries or help desk inquiries are being handled. That means less control, less productivity and I need to be briefed about much more things which I was used to be up to date by myself.  

    I was using simple imap accounts for my company and everything was working as intended. I actually have the feeling to have downgraded my mail system now. And that just because Microsoft wouldn’t allow active sync / imap access to a shared  mailbox. Really don’t understand that.

    P.S . The access through OWA from a mobile device is not working because on mobile devices the light version of OWA is working where you cant access shared mailboxes as it seems.  Even if it would the whole process would be too tedious.


    best regards,



  • It is possible to access an exchange  shared mailbox using an iPhone by setting up an imap email account.

    The trick is to modify the imap username and enter as follows:

    Use the main username password and pick up the imap server name from OWA settings.

    Outgoing mail server use as the user name with appropriate password.

    In the email field of iPhone iMap account setup enter the shared mailbox email address

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  • I have exactly this situation, and was very hopeful that gazglasgow's solutjon would work for me.  Unfortunately, on all the devices I try, I get:

    "Cannot Get Mail:  The user name or password for "" is incorrect.

    I am using the correct password for the main account, and the user name is the aggregated main/shared name with "" qualifiers for both.

    Any other thoughts?

  • First, if the email account isn't using "", then don't use that in the usernames. If you've already setup your main domain (e.g. then just use

    The other thing I figured out is, when setting up the account, at the bottom of the screen tap "Advanced" and turn on "Use SSL". Without using that, it will never work.

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  • I have figured out how to open the shared mailbox and also see the shared calendar on a iOS device if you follow the above procedure with a few extra steps it works like a charm. You must create the shared mailbox explained here

    Add a IMAP email account to your device with the following settings

    Add other account -> Mail Account

    Name: Name of shared Mailbox

    Email: email address of the shared mailbox

    Password: password of your office 365 accoutnt

    Description: the name you want to display on your device for reference

    Click next

    Keep IMAP selected

    Incoming Mail Server

    Host Name: You find this out by logging into OWA and go to Options -> See all options -> click on settings for POP, IMAP and SMTP enter addres it gives you for IMAP

    Username: your email address for office365

    Password: your password

    Outgoing Mail Server

    Hostname: same as above

    Username: same as above

    Password: same as above

    Click on next it will tell you username or password is incorrect

    Click next again and save

    Click save again

    Click on account you just created then click on account and then scroll down select advance and turn on SSL click done and it should verify.

    The only catch to opening a shared calendar is it you only can view full details.

    First open OWA and login then open other mailbox and put in name of shared mailbox,

    Then click on calendar on the left and click on share -> publish this calendar.

    Change publishing details to full details, however long you forward and back you want to publish and leave restricted and click start publishing and save and close window.

    Click on share again and send links to this calendar and send to email address you can receive on your device.

    Go to your device and copy the link you received and open setting and mail and click add account -> other -> Add Subscribed Calendar.

    Paste the address you copied and click next, change description to something meaningful and click done.

    Hopefully I didn't miss anything if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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