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Change of Domain for Exchange

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Recently, my Exchange connection stopped working (I'm on a P1 plan).

Delving into the problem, I noticed the server address had changed without warning or any apparent reason.

I deleted my Outlook profile, went through set up again and was able to continue.


Originally, my server address was

 - xxx = 3 letters, yyyy = 4 numbers.


The change was to

 - xxx and yyyy were unchanged.


Oddly, the addresses for Outlook online were only partly changed:

 - for accessing mail, calendar, contacts, etc. the address was;

 - for accessing options and settings, the old address applied:


Is this something I should be concerned about?

Are Microsoft in the habit of changing server addresses willy-nilly?

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  • Hello Huisie,

    While this sort of change can happen, it should be both rare and non-impacting for you, as Outlook should be negotiating with the server using Autodiscover to make sure that your profile stays up to date with these sorts of changes.  I'd suggest making sure that you've setup your Autodiscover DNS records properly, and then you shouldn't need to worry about this again.

  • Hi, Alexander

    Thanks for replying - I haven't had any further trouble or issues, and I'm glad to hear there isn't reason for concern.

    Regarding Autodiscover: I followed the instructions posted here to use my registered domain by changing name server addresses with my domain host.

    I understood that things such as Autodiscover would automatically be handled by Office365 and that my P1 plan didn't allow for DNS management.

    Did I misunderstand and am I able to access and change these values?

  • Hi, Alexander

    SORRY - just logged into Office365 Admin and looked through domain settings, saw DNS Manager.

    CNAME - autodiscover

    I presume that is as it should be?

  • Hello Huisie,

    Yes, if you need to create your own Autodiscover CNAME, you'd set it that way.  However, if you're on a Small Business account you shouldn't need to create this yourself.  Just make sure that your nameserver records are properly re-delegated to Office 365 and that should allow us to create that record for you.