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"Public Folders" in Office 365?

  • Hi ..

    Migrating from SBS-2003 we have been used to the possibility of "public folders", to share Contacts, Calenders and to archive email in a common shared space.

    In offce 365, we have so far been able to set up the common contacts, and calender in the the sharepoint driven "teamwebsite", and let useres connect to them in outlook 2010.


    But i am somewhat stuck in figuring out how to set up shared archieves for emails in O365.


    What is the best practice to do this, if you want users to acces these shared/common email folders from Outlook 2010 as well as the web interface in O365?




    Søren / Spacefab

  • Søren / Spacefab

    Do mean an e-mail such as or if so you nneed to create distribution groups, then tell it who to copy or add to the group. In a P1 plan you just go to the Admin page on the portal and you will see it there under Outlook, I am sure it is just as easy in a E3 plan.

  • Hi Robert.

    Thanks for the answer, but that was not exactly what i was thinking of.....i wiil try to explain:

    Say there are different users in our organisation that are recieving mails on a specific case.

    When they have recived and read an email, we would like them to be able to manually put the mail in a common/shared archieve specific to that case. So others in the organisation can have access to this info.

    (We are currently on the P1)

  • Hello Spacefab,

    Unfortunately Public Folders are not available in Exchange Online. As a workaround you may want to create an Archiving mailbox and give access to your users.

    Please see this document for more info.


  • Ok thanks...

    I will look into that method, and could be sharing whatever folder in a user account?

    (And there is no way to have a folder the like containing emails in the sharepoint / teamwebsite?)

    Søren / Spacefab

  • Hi Spacefab,

    Please see this forum, it shows another way to share a folder/document on your SharePoint site:


  • Hi Arturo...

    As i see, none of these examples shows how to make a folder or anything else that can contain email items to be accessed from Outlook ???

    Regard Søren / Spacefab

  • Hi!

    We have similar situation. After spending a lot of time and effort in researching this.Here is what i found :-

    1) Create a shared mailbox via Office365 Powershell (make sure you give all users Admin rights). You can named it All Public Folders.

    2) Create a distribution group (Add all users to the group)

    3) Assigned a plan (If  you need more than 5GB)

    4)If  you assigned a plan, it would be easier to test. Open the public mailbox via Office365 Outlook. Try sending emails to this mailbox.

    5)Next, export the existing public folders into a PST file. Import this PST file into the new shared email.

    6) Now you should have a shared mailbox that has all of  the contents of  the public folder

    7)Now under Ms Outlook, goto change existing email account, advance setting and add new mailbox (type All Public Folder)

    8) Now you will have a working public folder.

    9) You need to repeat steps  7-8 for all Ms Outlook users.

    10) In Office365 Outlook, you can access public folder by clicking your name (on the right top corner) and open a new mailbox (type All Public Folder)

    Let me know if it works.


    Dave Kariv

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  • Thanks Dave.

    I will try to look into that in that way.......

    And i will give feedback oin this thread.

    Cheers Søren / Spacefab

  • Hi Dave...

    Finally i found time to look into this..

    I managed to set up the shared mailbox and distribution group etc.

    I can acces the shared mailbox from Office365 Outlook.

    My last problem is to make MS Outlook let me assign another mailbox to my account.

    When i go to the advanced tab in the account settings the "add" button is greyed out in the add new mailbox field ?

    Any idea why ? and is there another way ?


    Spacefab / Søren

  • If you are doing it from the control panel, you aren't logged in.  You need to have outlook open and logged in as the user (who has rights to this "shared mailbox"   Then go to account settings from within outlook and you can ADD

  • I was stung by the greyed out add button too.  The "Add" button will only be enabled for the "primary" email in the profile.  As far as I can tell, the primary email is defined as the first one that you added to the profile.  

    This was a hassle for me during migration as I had been adding the O365 email to existing profiles with an existing local Exchange Server email only to find out I couldn't go back and delete the local email from the profile because it was the "primary".

    Once you are working with a primary email and proper permissions the "Add" button should be available.

  • I am in a similar predicament. We are a small place, so Office365 really seemed to be a great fit. Barring the billing/subscription department, support has been great. Looking around my preferred tech blogs I found this:

    Now, the "preview" was August last year (2012). What's up? Is this still going to happen?

  • Hi ,

    Not sure if this is what you want, but I just checked on my upgraded Small Business plan, and it does have Site E-mail Boxes,

    You read more at this link