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Outlook - "Trying to Connect" message

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Hi, I’m experiencing problems with Outlook connecting to an Office 365 exchange account. The Outlook profile has 2 accounts and The user1 account connects fine but the shared account keeps disconnecting and Outlook displays the messages “Trying to connect” or “Disconnected”.

4 of our staff use the shared account as a second account, 2 of them can connect fine but 2 are experiencing these problems. All 4 account were setup in the same way with Outlook automatically discovering the setting.

Any suggestions as to why this is happening as we need this functionality urgently?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Microsoft are currently investigating this issue, which seems intermittent and hard to reproduce.

    There is a workaround to add a 'fake' proxy in the hosts file on the PCs, see here for more details:

    I would open a service request from your Office 365 admin, so Microsoft can keep track of what accounts are having issues.

  • Hello Lutroo,

    I just want to ask if you can actually access the shared account in MOP (assuming it is an office 365 account) and check if it connects. Just trying to make sure there are not issues on the server where the account is located.

    However I totally agree with Craig and probably the best option is to contact support to make sure we gather all necessary information and try to get this resolved ASAP.

    Please visit the following site to find your local number:

    Please let me know if this information help or if there is anything that I can do to help.


  • Hi Craig,

    Thanks for your reply - the "hack" you suggested seems to work but it's not ideal, Microsoft really need to resolve this issue.

    I've now raised a service request so hopefully they might have some answers soon.

  • Hi Arturo, - yes we can connect to the account, I've now raised a service request with Microsoft.

    One thing that was suggest was to allow each user full permission to This could then be added as a second mailbox in Outlook instead of a second account.

    I'm just in the process of trying this and will let yo know how I get on.


  • Lutroo - you will not be able to send email using the second account's email address by just giving access to mailbox, you will be able to 'send on behalf of' though.