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POP3 Migration: Use IMAP?

  • Looking for a broad overview here. We are planning a small (50 User) migration. The current POP3 accounts are hosted by 1&1. Users have Outlook 2007 installed, and so have local .pst files. What sequence of steps should be taken to capture information from both the POP3 servers and the local .pst files? 

    • IMAP Migration from POP3 servers would include only E-Mails, but can be done in bulk?  

    • Drag & drop via connected accounts would be a way to move over calendar and contact info but would have to be done manually at each workstation?

    •  Importing the .pst file into the new Office365 mailbox within the Outlook client would also have to be done manually at each workstation?

    Thank you!

  • Hello xkcdde ,

    You have different options here, if you decide to do an IMAP migration you can migrate all your users using Powershell, please see these related articles for more info:

    How the IMAP migration process works:

    Migrate E-Mail from an IMAP Server with Windows PowerShell

    Prepare a CSV File to Migrate E-mail from an IMAP Server

    Migrate E-Mail from an IMAP Server to Cloud-based Mailboxes

    If you have access to their .PST and their file is not too large, it would be a good idea to do it manually but you have to do it at each workstation.

    Please let me know if this information helps or if there is anything that I can do to help.


  • Hello xkcdde ,

    I just wanted to ask if the information was of any help.


  • Dear Arturo,

    Yes thank you! We will likely perform a manual migration at each workstation, so that means:

    1) set up Office 365 account

    2) export .pst file from POP3 account

    3) import POP3 .pst into Office365 account

    This takes longer, but brings over e-mail, and calender and tasks.