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Service Unavailable?

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We're unable to login to webmail.


This is what I get when I click on the Outlook link after logging in to


Service Unavailable

HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable. 




Is this the only method I can get support of Office365? Through the web? No phone number?



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  • We are also having the same problem.

  • Just called their tech support. They said it was a nation-wide outage. ETA unknown since they are having issues as well.

  • We are completely down here as well.

    Just started migrating last week.  Is this the reliability we can expect?

    The "health status" page is absolutely no help.  Everything shows as UP and GOOD.

    I cannot log a service request because that link is dead as well.

  • I'm in the same situation, but we haven't gone "live" yet.  Where is the support?

  • The Microsoft Promo on my website promises a Financially backed 99.9% uptime guarantee.

    You can see it at

  • Their service has been excellent for me so far (except for today obviously). I've been with Office 365 since July 1st. We'll see how things go on their end and/or how they resolve this. It's bound to happen once in awhile but I'll be curious to see how much information we gets in regards to why this is occuring. Sucks too because obviously e-mails are so business critical.

  • I am getting the "Home" page for Office 365, but error message when I try Outlook . . . I am in Pacific NW (Washington)

  • did anyone hear anything on the aug 12 outage that I see in the service health?

  • "Email degradation" is what they are calling this? What a joke. It is not degraded. It is totally broken!

    Never had an outage over 30 seconds with Google Apps. Pushing 75 minutes with this one.

  • please go back to google apps.

  • It's not that its out that's the big deal...I mean, that IS important, but moreso the fact that it took them 30 minutes to issue a response that they are aware of the issue.  To me, the financial backing thing doesn't mean much- it's like having a manager pay for a meal when you get bad service.  It solves nothing.

  • 99.9% = 24*60*365.25*.999 = about 8 hours if my math is correct. For the sake of my job, I hope thats not the case here. We just moved last week. :-|

  • Agree with you CJalex . . . so far it has been pretty good, but frankly, they advertise this as 99.9% guaranteed uptime . . . argh!

  • 99.9% still leaves you with 8 hours of downtime... #justsayin (we just migrated last week, time to polish my resume I guess)

  • We are down from Seattle
    Last connect was at 11:36 PDT
    Put in a Support REquest at noon and was informed over the phone what their Engineers are working the issue.

    I would suggest to others to submit a Request through the SITE, but that is down also.