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Service Unavailable?

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We're unable to login to webmail.


This is what I get when I click on the Outlook link after logging in to


Service Unavailable

HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable. 




Is this the only method I can get support of Office365? Through the web? No phone number?



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  • Seeing the same issue here.

  • Goto the Admin page and it's under Support on the left hand side -> "Service Health"

  • I am looking in service health everything is green except on Aug 12, an outage icon in blue color.

  • Did anyone get a response from calling support?

  • Sorry, their direct number is [moderator edit]. but it just disconnected me the first few tries...
  • And their Service Requests page doesn't load either.

  • All email is down here as well.

  • Yeah, kinda makes me look like a chump. I promote the reliability of a service like this and here we are not even two weeks on it and everyone is dead in the water.

  • Office in the Cloud just Evaporated. Need some new weather patterns.

  • please reply microsoft, this is what you call 99.9% up time? All we need is an acknowledgement!!!

  • It's disappointing that it appears that the issue started more than 20 minutes ago and there is no status update.  I try to have a plan for my 200+ users if there is an issue within 5 minutes.  With such a critical service any notification that takes more than 15 minutes to report is TOTALLY unacceptable.

  • 99.9 % Uptime ?

  • isnt that what they promised when you sign up? also looks like they just acknowledged the issue. look in the service health!

  • Looks like the service site was updated.  Says they are investigating.

  • Confirming same issue here:

    1. Desktop outlook unable to connect to server

    2. Office 365 online service gives HTTP Error 503 when trying to access online outlook

    3. Unable to submit support ticket

    4. Service status is green (online) BUT all of our company outlook is offline.

    Currently on hold with microsoft.