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Outlook Autodiscover

  • When an account is created in Outlook 2007 and 2010 the server information is found by DNS autodiscover.  Does Outlook perform autodiscover only once, or every time the program is run?

    After we do an IPAM migration to Office 365 will Outlook automatically find the new server name or does the Exchange account have to be deleted and recreated?  In Outlook 2010, under Account Settings,  the Proxy server for Exchange can be modified, but I cannot find a way to update the server name.  Can this be updated or is it hard coded after the account initial setup? 

    Thanks, Dan

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  • Hello

    the autodiscover is used to configure the account; so it's used the first time you configure Outlook

    then it's also used to find and access Exchange web services, OAB... from time to time in order to keep the outlook account correctly configured (settings updates...)

    the server name IS NOT hard coded; to be able to change it, you have to close Outlook, you can't change it when Outlook is started

  • Benoit, that's what I expected but the server field is not editable, even when Outlook.exe is not running and you are changing the account directly.  The server name is underlined but I cannot find a way to change it.

  • Hello,

    Just as Benoit said, we can't edit the server name while Outlook is running. We should close the outlook and edit the “Email Accounts" from “Control Panel --> Mail"

    Note: you may close the oulook and wait for several minutes to try that. The field of server name in “Email Accounts" shouldn't be grayed out anymore.

    Meanwhile, if the issue persists, please post a screenshot when you failed to edit the server name in “Email Accounts" So, I can unsertand the problem in more details.

    Thank you.

    Jack Sun