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Outlook 2010 Share calendar to Mac Outlook 2011

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We have a mixed environment of Windows 7 PCs and Macs in our office.  We have two shared calendars which I set up in my Outlook 2010 desktop client.  I am having good success sharing both of the calendars with other Windows 7 Outlook 2010 users. 

The problem begins when trying to share with the Macs 2011 Outlook.  To explain, I have a total of three calendars on my Windows PC.  One personal calendar, one shared 'Office' Calendar, and one shared 'Jobs' calendar.  When sharing to the Windows PCs, I click on one of the shared calendars at a time, and share with one of my contacts, then I repeat with the other one.  This process does not work going to a Mac, the share calendar email does not have a clickable link at the top, like Windows Outlook.  

To open it from Mac Outlook, we browse to my user, and open the shared calendars from there.  It gets weird here, as the calendars opened on the Mac are my personal calendar, and the office calendar, not the jobs calendar.  And I have to set my personal calendar as a share in order to open either of them.  The Jobs calendar is set the same as the Office calendar.

Any ideas?  Is this a normal thing?

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  • Hi Ryan-d,

    While trying to open a shared calendar in Outlook for Mac, we need to do the following steps:

    1. In Outlook ( for Mac), go to File > Open > Other User's Folder.
    2. In the Open Other User's Folder window, in the User box, type the email address of the folder owner, or select the user from the address book. In the Type box, select Calendar that you need to open. Click OK.
    3. The shared calendar will appear in the folder list on the left side of the Outlook window

    I also suggest you to share the jobs calendar again using Windows Powershell as below:

    Add-MailoxFolderPermission -Identity <the shared mailbox name>:\Calendar -AccessRights Reviewer –User <Mac user name>

    If the Mac user is still unable to open ,the shared calendar, capture a screenshot of the error message or the issue in Mac.



  • Hi Ryan-d,

    Has the above issue been resolved?
    Please let us know, if you need any further help.