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Inbox not updating

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I'm seeing a few users using O365 that don't have updating inboxes.

If you check their web mail, their mail arrives in a timely fashion but the inbox it doesn't.

It happens on Outlook 2010 and 2013.

It goes away for a "short time" if you go into

 File -> Account -> settings

select the account and choose "Repair" then next next next and restart outlook.


One thing in common with the users so far affected is that they all have multiple accounts listed in account settings (Share mailboxes and PA's looking after their Executive mailboxes)


I have also tried Profile deletion and rebuilding and I have tried turning off "Cached mode" restarting the client, then turning cached mode back on again.


Any idea?

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  • Oh another common item is that their shared mailboxes are in what appear to be the Singapore servers while their mailboxes appear to be hosted in hongkong. (just in case that is likely to help troubleshooting)

  • further info:

    It appears to be in both directions... ie; Changes made to the inbox (delete mail/move mail to a folder) take a long time (or might not happen at all) to be reflected in web mail interface.

  • Ok, this correlation may be not related.. Another user is having the issue and 3 accounts are on [Removed by moderator] and one is on [Removed by moderator]
  • Hi MarcusGiles,

    As I understand it, the emails are not update in Inbox in Outlook client, but emails arrive immediately when you sign in Outlook Web App (OWA).

    To troubleshoot the issue, please try to the following suggestions:
    1. Please try to run desktop set up before open Outlook to update the configuration for Outlook client.
    2. Try to add the Office 365 account in another Outlook client to see if the issue will persist.
    3. Please change the network to see if there is any improvement.

    Anna Shi

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  • I have mentioned earlier that I have tried a rebuild of the client profile earlier and it didn't change behaviour, also I have tried this in Outlook 2010 AND outlook 2013 and the issue still exists.

    The user trying it in outlook 2013 is currently trying to make it work on a another network and its not working there either.

  • Hello MarcusGiles,

    For this problem, I'd like to confirm the following information.
    1.When the end-user finds that the new mail is not updated in Outlook client, can Outlook get these new mails after restarting Outlook?
    2.As you mentioned these users have shared mailbox accessing permission and the shared mailbox is added to Outlook, does this problem still persist when the Outlook starts with only the user’s mailbox?

    You can check Outlook connection status following this link.

    And, please update the test result in another network.

    Cherry Wang

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  • Answers to your questions:

    1) Yes

    2) haven't tested this. will do so tomorrow. (next business day)

    great article link, thanks!

  • Hi MarcusGiles,

    We have not heard from you in a couple of days. I will monitor the thread. If there is any update please pose here.

    Anna Shi

  • Sorry guys I've been away (sick kids :-P )

    I think we may have solved it, with two users so far it looks like an excessive number of items in the deleted items folder.. (60k+)

    I'm slowly convincing them to delete their deleted items but they're putting up a fight.

    BTW is there a way to do this via PowerShell?

    Can you empty Items in Deleted Items over 6 months old as a once off command?

  • Hi MarcusGiles,

    I’m glad to hear that previously issue has been resolved.

    About how to delete the items in deleted items, I would like to explain the following points:
    1. The emails only be saved in deleted items for 14 days.
    2. If you want to delete the items, you can select multiple items and then delete it.

    Anna Shi

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  • This is interesting because this user has 62000 items in her deleted items folder, most of them well over 14 days.

    the reason I asked about using powershell to delete aged items is because there are so many items in the deleted items that selecting thousands and deleting them that it locks the client up...

    Is it possible to alter the contents of a folder in a mailbox using powershell?

  • Hi MarcusGiles,

    By default, the deleted items can be saved in deleted items folder for 30 days. If you have created some retention policies on the deleted item folder, the deleted items’ retention period is depended on the retention policy. Sorry for delivery the incorrect information.

    Based on my experience, we cannot delete multiple users in deleted items via PowerShell currently. As I mentioned in my above post, you can choose the multiple items that you want to delete. Please refer to the following steps: select the first item, click Shift on the keyboard and click the last items that you want to delete.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    Best Regards,
    Anna Shi

  • Hi, I am now having this same problem, but I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with my Deleted Items folder (I keep it cleaned out very regularly).  I too have tried rebuilding my profile, but that does not resolve the issue either.  In my case, I have nobody else managing my inbox(es).  Any ideas?