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Move from Office 365 to

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Hi,  I am coming to the end of my Office 365 trial and i have decided that it isnt for me.  I have a custom domain and associated email address and i dont want to lose it so i want to move it to a hotmail/ account.  Do i have to remove my domain from office 365 before i can then add it to hotmail/ is this straight forward to do?  I have my hosting(?) with melbourne IT.


I also have a wp7 and xbox and i have read horror stories of people losing xboxlive gold/zune subsciptions, am i in danger of doing this as my liveid is my email address?


Thanks in advance

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  • Hi nickcraggs,

    Thank you for your post here.

    Unfortunately, our team does not support the, however you may check out the following links which you may find helpful:

    1.If you would like to know the next step when Office 365 trial ending,please refer Office 365 trial ending - now I only want email
    2.If you have any concerns about,please go following link.

    Hotmail Help & How-to


    Keats Ge

  • Hi nickcraggs,

    How are things going?Do you have any update about this issue?


    Keats Ge

  • Hi,

    I setup a new account but i couldnt get me Melbourne IT registration to link to it.  I had the MX records but it needed an A record to point to it.  I looked all over and tried anything but i couldnt get it to work.

    However, i notice the my old hotmail account left over from Office Small business, or what ever i was using before office 365, which originally had my domain on it was receiving the emails to it.  So i am using this now and it is working fine, i have the free email that iwanted using my domain, but it isnt the new interface, but i dont mind.  

    It worked out OK in the end.

  • Hi nickcraggs,

    Thanks for your update the information here, and I appreciate your efforts. If you have any other questions, welcome to ask in the forum.

    Allen Qiu