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Autodiscovery not working

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We've successfully verified our domain and have confirmed MX record propagated, From Outlook Online, we can successfully send and recieve messages on out test account. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that Autodiscover is functioning. When we perform an NSlookup, we recieve back:

Server:  UnKnown



To my understanding, this is a valid resolution, however when trying to connect Outlook 2007 from two seperate machines in different geographical loacations, both failed.


We're open to suggestions.

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  • Hi VonPhillips,

    Before moving on, I would like to confirm the following things:
    1 Which Office 365 plan are you using?
    2 Is there Exchange server on local?
    From the result of NSlookup, it is normal behavior. Based on the current situation, could you please test Autodiscover from to troubleshoot this issue? In addition, we can create new profile and connect to Exchange online to see if any improvement. If the issue persists, could you please provide your domain information for further troubleshooting? I will send a private message to you to request the information and you can reply it as private message.

    To see the private message, please perform the following steps:
    1. Please go to "Your details" section on the right side of the community site.
    2. Click Private messages.
    3. Click the subject title <Please provide the domain information> of the response to read the message.

    Johnny Zhang

  • Hello Johnny Zhang,

    1> This Exchange Online only. The test account is licesnsed for Plan 1. Users have been added, but no other licenses have been acquired at this time.

    2> No, this is being establish seperate form the old server system. passes successfully, however when I attempt auotdiscover, it continues to fail. The last attempt was performed from a 3rd computer featuring Windows 7 Home Premium with Outlook 2010.

    The information requested in the private message has been provided.

    Thank you.

  • Hi , please try to re-run the Office 365 Desktop Set up wizard to see it it works.

    Please refer this video for troubleshooting Auto Discover issue with Exchange online:

    Thanks and Regards,


  • Hi VonPhillips,

    Thanks for Jay’s useful information.

    I have analyzed the domain name you provided with nslookup tool, the result indicates that the domain name hasn’t been redirected to Office 365 and you have added the needed DNS records correctly.

    For this situation, I’d like to suggest you do the steps below:
    1. Take Jay’s suggestion to update your computer and configurations.
    2. Please make sure you have done the steps Johnny Zhang provided, you can refer to: Create a new profile in Outlook desktop client:
    3. After doing the steps above, you can try to add your Office 365 account to Outlook desktop client, please refer to:
    Connect Outlook to This Account :

    If the issue persists, please do the following steps:
    1. Connect your Office 365 account to Outlook desktop client manually, see:
    2. Capture a screenshot of the error messages when you add your Office 365 account to Outlook desktop client if there is any.
    3. Please check whether other users in your organization encountered the same issue.

    Vivian Wang




  • A new profile was created on a Windows 7 Pro machine with Office 2010. The Desktop setup wizard was downloaded and installed. Outlook 2010 was launched and prompted for user information to create a new mail profile. Both encrypted and unencrypted failed.
  • The video in the link and the MOSDAL available via the same download links are completely different versions. I've run the version available to me and have the resulting reports. What should I do with these?

  • 1. I have, no resolution from these steps.

    2. This is being done from newly created system and mail profiles. When Outlook starts, it prompts for the users proper name, login and password with confirmation. Noth encrypted and unecrypted fail from three different computer systems on two geographically seperated ISP connections, all with the same result.

    3. See above.

    1. Manual configuration is not an acceptable solution.

    2. There are no errors beyond Outlook on three seperate computers running various combinations of Windows Vista/7 with Outlook 2007/2010 which return:

    "An encrypted connection to your mail server is not available. Click Next to attempt using an unencrypted connection."

    Clicking Next starts and unencrypted search and reults in:

    "Verify the settings below. You can make changes if necessary. Email Address:"

    Since the address is correct, Retry is clicked and ends a few minutes later in trying to move to manual configuration whichis unacceptable.

    3. Currently there is only one paid account at this time to complete testing and verify it actually works as advertised.

  • Hi VonPhillips,

    I'd to clarify the situation.

    If you deleted an account and recreated the same account, this may result in a connection issue. Was the situation like that?

    Aaron Yuan
  • Negative. The account has never been deleted or altered.

    To test, a new account was created this morning and the user license transferred to this new account. Once again Autodiscovery fails to resolve anything despite the results of NSLOOKUP. This is now consistant spread across 4 different hardware platforms, 3 Win7 and 1 Vista Business, 4 different installations of Office(2007/2010), and two geographically seperated locations with completely different LAN equipment.

    We have configured as per this set of instructions with the exception of the last txt record. 1and1 insists they do not support txt records at all and refuses to add.  

  • Hi Von,

    Are you running split DNS and do you have your autodiscover records configured in your local DNS? I know you said you tested it but the testexchangeconnectivity site only validates external DNS records.

    Also, what do you mean everything is set up except the last txt record? Which TXT record are you referring to? Yes 1and1 is terrible from what I hear, the forums here are littered with people that have issues with them, I'd recommend going to a proper host that can provide TXT record creation.

  • No split DNS. At the location with a DNS server, the workstation has been configured to use the public DNS servers and The second site has no DNS server and is using the ISP's DNS servers for resolution.

    In the provided link in my last message describes the DNS record changes as written by Microsoft for 1and1 and has three changes/additions listed. The first two are a MX record change (obviously) and a CNAME addition for Autodiscovery. Near the end of the document, it instructs to contact 1and1 and have them place the following TXT record:

    Type     TXT Name      TXT Value                                         TTL

    TXT      @                    v=spf1 ~all        1 Hour

    Unfortunately when we contact 1and 1, they flat out refuse to place the entry and advise the Microsoft has lost their minds.

    I am stuck in the middle with an unhappy client.

  • Hi VonPhillips,

    Thanks for Jorge’s effort. Meanwhile, your detailed description makes the issue clear.

    I understand that you have added the MX record in 1and1 domain host. However, it’s not available for you to add TXT record directly. You have contacted the domain registrar. The previous effort engaged by you and other members here makes the issue toward a right direction.

    When checking your MX record, I noticed that there is 1 MX record with correct configuration.

    For TXT record, you can refer the information shared by community user here: to troubleshoot the issue. Meanwhile, to use Autodiscovery in Outlook, you must use Auto Account Setup to add Office 365 account in Outlook when Connect Outlook to This Account.

    Monica Tong

  • I'm not sure if this issues has been resolved for you yet, but I wanted to post a simple step you can try to resolve this issue, as I just ran into it a day ago.

    Return the default domain for the account inside of MOP to the domain. Test with autodicovery using the credentials of  <username>@<domain> and your password.

    It that works, then the issue was a conflict inside of MOP with the default domain setting. Switch the default domain back to <yourdomain>.com and then remove the account from outlook and try again with autodiscovery, this time with <username>@<yourdomain>.com

    This should resolve the issue. I can also say that when setting up the E Plan with 1and1, the TXT entry is not needed, just the subdomain on your Domain page of autodiscover.<yourdomain>.com with a CNAME entry for the Autodiscover setting that MOP provides.

    Hopefully that works for you.

  • I'm having the same EXACT SAME ISSUE as the OP.  As I was reading the posts, I felt like it was me writing them.  I've done everything I can find in the forums to try, including Sturgill's suggestion above, all to no avail.  


    VonPhillips, have you had any success resolving this issue?  If so, can you share what you did?  


    I'm on Exchange Online Plan 1, and I cannot get Outlook to autodiscover for any of my (4) users, nor does the manual server config work either.  Unlike the OP, I was able to get all of the required DNS records added, so that proves that last DNS record is not the problem. 


    System setup: Win7 and WinXP machines w/ OL2007, two different locations, not on a domain, no internal DNS or internal Exchange server.  Accounts are all new exchage accounts when created in Office 365... no migration baggage.  Email addresses were prviously hosted with the web host as POP3 accounts.




    Just to review what I've tried to help the TSE's in the room:

    1) Tested all DNS conditions listed in from the local machine.  All were normal or as expected.

    2) Ran the following tests at

        a) O365 - Outlook Autodiscover: Test passed

        b) O365 - Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP): Test Failed (Log below)


     Testing RPC/HTTP connectivity.
    The RPC/HTTP test failed.
     Test Steps
     ExRCA is attempting to test Autodiscover for
    Autodiscover was tested successfully.
     Test Steps
     Autodiscover settings for Outlook Anywhere are being validated.
    ExRCA wasn't able to validate Outlook Anywhere Autodiscover settings.
     Tell me more about this issue and how to resolve it
     Additional Details
    The EXCH provider section is missing from the Autodiscover response.


    3) Have tried the MOSDAL tool as described in the following video:

    4) Have not deleted any accounts or mailboxes

    5) Have run the desktop wizard several times, restarted afterward and removed and reconfigured the mail profile in Outlook several times.

        a) I have done the above, in the suggested order, for each of the four users, on two different computers with the same failed result.

    6) Have tried returning the default domain for the account inside of MOP to the domain. Removed mail profile, ran desktop wizard and when I tested with autodicovery using the credentials of  <username>@<domain> and my password, it still failed for both encypted and non encrypted. (Changed the default domain back afterward... still no joy).


    Has anyone beat this issue?

  • Hi FreedomIT,

    I have checked the DNS records of your domain. The TXT record and MX record are correct.

    Have you used the steps in KB article ? If not, please refer the steps in that KB article to fix the issue. If the issue persists, please provide the detailed error message appears when adding this Office 365 account in Outlook 2007.

    Monica Tong

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