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Adding a second domain

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I need to be able to add a second domain to my customer's Office 365 account. However when I use the Add A Domain feature in the Admin -> Domains page, the setup reports that I am not done setting up my first domain.


The only step left in my first domain is transferring the nameserver records to Office 365, which I'm not in favor of doing.


How can I add a second domain to this account without transferring the nameserver records?


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  • Hi Dustin,

    Someone else had this problem a little while back, their resolution is not that clear. (  From what I can make out, they removed the MX Record for the first domain (verify) and created a user using the first domain as primary.  However, hopefully the link above may be of use.

    Once you have added the second domain, you can go to the manage DNS section, add the records displayed here to the host DNS server.

  • Hi Richard,
    Thank you for your effort.
    Hi DustinT,
    Would you kindly provide me the detail error message when you add the second domain?
    Alex Du
  • Alex, there is no specific error message. Rather I am prompted to continue setting up my first domain. I can choose to continue setting up the first domain, or I can choose to start over. If I choose Continue, the last step of the setup process is to change my domain's nameservers over to Microsoft's, which I cannot do.


    Should I start my setup process over again? If so, what options or considerations should I make thinking that I will be adding a second domain?




  • Hi DustinT,

    May I know have your verified you first domain successful?
    If your first domain was verified , you needn’t process over again.
    The step which need change your NameServer can be canceled.
    Moreover, you can refer to the thread which Richard posted to you:

    Alex D

  • Hi DustinT,

    How are the things going?
    In addition, do you need further assistance on the issue?

    Alex Du

  • Where is the documentation for this? Adding multiple domains is pretty commonplace so why isn't it the process baked into the system?
  • Alex, I will be trying the steps listed in Richard's post in the coming days. I will reply to this thread once I determine if this worked or not.

  • Hi DustinT,

    Thank you for your reply.
    I will continue to monitor this thread if you have any additional questions.

    Alex Du

  • Hi DustinT,

    Any update?

    Alex Du

  • Alex, I did contact the original poster "Guardian Cos" for more information about what he/she did. I wil wait to hear back from that person. However, if there is anything else you can do to help me resolve this issues, I would appreciate it. I'm still in the same position where I cannot add a second domain whereas my original domain is verified and has been in use successfully for almost 2 months now. I do NOT want to transition nameservers. I need to keep them at Network Solutions. Thank you in advance.

  • Hi DustinT,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Since your situation is a very special case, If some screenshots of the error message can be provided will be appreciated (It's very important for our troubleshooting).
    You can click Use rich formatting and upload the screenshot through the button below:

    Wilfred Ying

  • 1. My primary domain is showing as "Verified" and works properly.


    2. I click "Add a domain", and I'm prompted to continue settings up


    3. I select to finish setting up The only remaining step is #5:


    4. I select to "Complete the process" and go to the next step:


    5. I select "Yes, let's continue" and go to the next step:


    5. I'm asked to choose from a list of domain registrars, which mine is Network Solutions. I'm presented with steps on how to switch nameservers, which again, I am NOT willing to do.


    6. The wizard shows me what my nameservers should be, but again, I do NOT want to change nameservers and it seems to me I should not have to, according to other posts.


    Please let me know what other steps I can take.


  • Hi Dustin,

    Yeah, something isn't right, you shouldn't be prompted to finish setting up the other domain. I'd open a support ticket to get this resolved. You should immediately be taken to a screen where you can add a second domain and go through the process of adding the TXT record. I haven't seen your issue come up but support should be able to help or add the domain for you and provide you the TXT record you need to validate.

  • Hi DustinT,

    Thanks for Jorge’s information.

    You can refer it to troubleshoot this issue.

    Meanwhile, to provide more effective information, I would like to collect the following information.

    1. Which Office 365 subscription you are using, Office 365 for Plan P, or Office 365 for Plan E?
    2. Which country is selected for this Office 365 tenant?

    Best Regards,
    Monica Tong

  • Unfortunately, I don't believe calling support is an option, this account is for Office 365 Plan P.

    We are located in the United States.