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Cutover: An internal error has occurred. If this error occurs frequently, contact Microsoft Support.

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I am trying to migrate an Exchange 2003 server with 13 mail accounts.  I have successfully migrated 10 of the mailboxes and need to migrate the final 3.  My account is a P1 - 10 User trial.


However, when I attempt to 'Resume' the migration I receive the following Error:


karen@ra*******.com The administrator canceled the migration before this mailbox was migrated.
peter@ra*******.com The name "Pietro" is already being used. Please try another name.
sarah@ra*******.com An internal error has occurred. If this error occurs frequently, contact Microsoft Support.

Why will these mailboxes not Resume?  I have deleted the user Peter from O365 as I accidentally created that account when registering the service.  I now have a new admin user which was one of the migrated accounts.


Any help would be gratefully received.


Thank you.



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  • I think your having a migration issue that can not be resolved by traditional methods.  You can:

    * Contact Microsoft Support to Correct (can take 1-7 days to resolve)

    * Perform a Manual PST Migration for the remaining users

    * Use another cloud migration tool like MigrationWiz (3 x $11.99)

    Hope this helps (and sorry you ran in to this issue).

  • Hi Abe Almosawi,


    Thank you for your post.


    For this issue, I would like to suggest you refer the suggestions given by Evan Zhang in the following post:


    In addition, we can monitor the migration process by running the commands below in PowerShell:




    If there are any questions or updates, please feel free to post.


    Jolin Qiao

    I am writing to follow up with the progress of this issue, does the above posts helpful? Do you need any further assistance?
    If you have any other questions, please feel free to post here. We are happy to assist you.
    Jolin Qiao
  • Hi Jolin,

    I completed the migration yesterday.  Some important notes about the migration that I discovered:

    1. The Migrate task does NOT keep the mailboxes in SYNC, it simply imports new messages only.  So all my migration this week resulted in mailboxes that were out of sync as users filed/deleted emails etc.  For future information admins should stop client access to mail while conducting a cutover migration.

    2. The automated 24 hour migration did NOT occur.  I had to run the migration task MANUALLY to get the new messages.

    3. I deleted a user called Sarah as the mailbox migration FAILED.  I created a new mailbox called Sarah.  I was then unable to configure Outlook, Entourage, iPhone or Android with Sarah's mailbox.  It would not connect to the mailbox server.  I renamed the new Sarah to SarahT and was able to logon to the server and configure all the clients accordingly.  I suspect the deleted mailbox retention was preventing authentication.  Bug in O365?

    4. MAC: Entourage needs to be 2008 WEB SERVICES EDITION, which is a free download but... YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THE MATCHING WSE to the Office Update version.  For example Office 2008 v12.3.2 needs WSE version to MATCH.

    The failed mailboxes I imported by using exmerge to create the PST and Outlook to Import the PST to the O365 account.

    Overall a quirky migration.  Why does Microsoft not create a more simplified Migration process?  I understand the developers demands, but surely it would be better to have a more reliable product.  Many people on this forum seem to suffer the inability to restart migrations which is one of the biggest issues.



  • Hi Abe,

    Thank you for your reply and sharing the detailed additional feedback on how you were successful in resolving this issue.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. It is always our pleasure to be of assistance.

    Linda Wang