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Office 2010 hangs updating inbox Office 365

  • Hi,

    We have a client running Microsoft Office 2010 connected to Office 365. Upon connecting their outlook client to Office 365 the download of email begins. However after about an hour or so of constant downloading it just freezes. (see screen shot) The application still responds but the sync never progresses.

    I have tried.

    Deleting the Outlook Data File......restarted outlook, download starts again and freezes

    Deleting the Outlook Email profile and creating a new one......same problem starts to dowload then freezes.

    Opening the same mail of a different computer running Outlook 2007......same problem.

    Opening the same mailbox on Outlook 2011 for Mac works perfectly!

    Switching off Cache Mode....this works but as soon as its switched backon the problem comes back...we need cached mode.

    The mailbox is about 2.41GB Big and connected to the HKNPROD Server.

    Help this is so urgent we have one very upset client.

  • I am having same issue with one of mail box ....... please help

  • Have you checked the Sync Issues folder to see if there is a log there.  This may give you a clue, as there maybe a corrupt email, plus disable any Outlokk Pulgins that scan emails; Antivirus Software etc.  There could be an attachment that the AV software is trying to scan but fails.


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  • I would also suggest that you login to the OWA and sort in size order just in case Outlook 2010 is struggling with a LARGE email.  If anything that is very big move it to a new folder, this may allow the Imobx to complete.

  • Nothing in Sync Issues, trying again to run outlook with noaddins to see if this helps (however the whole mailbox starts to download from the start upon relaunching to will update you when its finished. I did the large email search and found several attachments of 22mb in size, not sure what the office 365 limits are but this could be the problem....i've moved them to a large attachments folder and will see if this helps.

    Thanks for your advice.

  • Max message size is 25Mb.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you! the large attachments seem to have been the issue (though none were over 25mb) Moved them to a new folder all by themselves then reconnected outlook the inbox updated fully and the Large Attachments folder did also. The archived the large attachements as a housekeeping measure.

    Seems to be working perfectly, Sir you are a star!

  • Excellent new!  A pleasure to be of assistance.

  • I am having a similar issue. Is the only fix just separating out the large emails and moving them to a separate folder? This seems to be more of a bandaid fix, and I would imagine that you should be able to download the inbox without this step.

  • Hi Richard,

    I do agree it is a bit of a bandaid fix.  However, from experience sometimes the bandaid fix can be quiker to use than find the cause.  There are sveral things that can cause this issue, sometimes it can take alot longer troubleshooting and finding the problem.  This issue can be caused by a currupt local OST file, to trouble shoot that you would need to recreate a new Profile and start the sync from scratch.  It can be caused by local AV software, even going as far as uninstalling could help, even gateway routers can play havoke on the sync of large mailboxes and large emails, with QOS and other restrictions.  Local issues can make a difference in the performance of the sync process.

    The large files can act as a blockage, as oulokk is trying to sysnc multiple folders.  By moving the emails to a neawly created folder this can free the blockage.  It could also be that the emails have become fragmented or even slightly corrupted at server side, and moving them can help.  I have in the past moved large emails to a folder, counted to twenty and moved them back and all is well.

    I will stop rambling, but it is worth a try!

  • I am having the same issue with a new laptop I just gave someone.  I tried moving all emails with large attachments to another folder (only about 20 emails with attachments > 5 MB and nothing larger than 18 MB).  I also disabled all add-ins.  The user's mailbox is around 5GB and the inbox is 2.4 GB.  While Outlook is updating, she cannot send and receive mail so she has to use OWA for now.  Her inbox downloads 1.4 GB of the 2.4 GB, then stops.  Restarting outlook starts the process over again.  This is really disruptive to her, myself, and out bandwidth.  Can anyone confirm if it is caused by an update to Outlook 2010?

  • I don't know if it is caused by an update to MS Office 2010, but I do have a temporary solution to the issue though. I was going crazy trying to get our companies user's mailboxes (Some with 100,000+ messages with attachments) downloaded to their Outlook. Kept downloading around 1.9gb and then freezing. Restarting or reconnecting didn't solve the issue, just restarted the process that kept freezing on me.

    TO REMEDY THE SITUATION: I went to the Send/Receive tab in Outlook and under "Download Preferences" I selected "Download Headers". Microsoft Outlook 2010 had no issue downloading the headers fine for my whole inbox and made quick work of it. After all of the headers in the mailbox were synced, I then changed the Download Preference to "Download Headers and Then Full Items". During this download process (Depending on the amount of attachments) the download would freeze like usual. The only difference was that when I restarted Outlook, the attachment process would pick up from where it froze instead of starting completely over. This allowed me to download the whole mailbox (headers and attachments) after only a few restarts of Outlook. Once the whole mailbox was synced, I switch my option back to the default of "Download Full Items" and the issue was solved!

    Hope this helps!

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  • I opened a case with Microsoft and they acknowledged that this is a known issue with users with a large number of items in their inbox.  No exact threshold was given, but I remember BPOS had issues when the item count was over 30,000 for one folder.  They pointed me to this workaround  So to reduce the number of items, I created 3 subfolders (inbox 2009, inbox 2010, inbox 2011) and moved messages in the inbox to the corresponding sub folder.  After restarting Outlook, her inbox downloaded all items and Outlook behaved as normal.

  • I'm also having this issue with office 365 and outlook 2010.  It seems to have started around a 3-4 weeks ago, and now every time we upgrade someone to a new computer and setup a new profile and let their mail download it stops at a certain point and never finishes downloading.  If we restart outlook it goes back to the original file size.  Also, if they leave outlook open, they don't receive any new mail.  They have to close outlook and re open to start receiving new mail.  All of the users have different size mailboxes ranging from 2.5 gb to 6-7.  There doesn't seem to be any consistency with large attachments or number of emails.  Has anyone figured out what is going on?  

  • Hello Dave T ,

    Thanks for the post in the forum.

    If you can post back the results of the support ticket you have opened with support we can all benefit from the information.

    Best regards,