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Exchange ActiveSync and Android

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The phone being used is a Galaxy S3, though I don't think that it matters much.


If I simply use the login and password that I use to get into Microsoft online services, and enter it when prompted to add an email account on Android, everything loads up and syncs great.

However, the login is  Once everything sets up on my phone, that whole address shows up as the "from address" if I send mail.  I'd like for it to just be, none of the 'onmicrosoft' part included.

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  • Hello BTH14,

    I understand that you have questions about using Exchange ActiveSync service on your Android device. Before moving on, I would like to confirm some detailed information first.
    1. Have you added as an email account at the Android device?
    2. Do you want to when using the Office 365 account ( to send an email; the default from address is
    3. Is there any relationship between and, such as Connected Account?
    4. What Office 365 plan are you using, such as Office 365 for Small Business (Plan P1)?
    5. Could you please provide detailed information about the current situation and requirement, such as a detailed example?

    Based on the current situation, you may refer to the following points for reference.
    1. If you need to send emails as “”at Android device, the email account “” should be added to the Android device.
    2. If you want to let as the default email address when composing a new email, you can set the email account as the default email account at the Android device.


  • Hello BTH14,

    I'm writing to follow up my previous reply. 
    If you need further assistance on this issue, please feel free to post back.

    Best regards,

  • 1. is only set up at this point using POP settings, so I'd have to use another option to sync outlook calendar/contacts/etc.

    2. Yes, when sending from, I would like the 'from' address to be, along with the 'reply-to' address.

    3. Not sure what this is asking. We have POP settings for our 'base' account, and recently started using Office Online for sharing abilities between users.

    4. The subscription we have just says "Exchange Online(Plan 1)".

    Do I need to just have the POP settings inputted as 1 e-mail on my phone, and then also have the Exchange account set up as well?

  • Hello BTH14

    I understand that you want to use the email address “” as the sender address and reply-to email address when sending email via the Office 365 account at the Android device?

    If so, as far as I know, it cannot be achieved directly at Android device currently. It isn’t available to use other email address to send email when sending emails at other mailbox at Android devices currently.
    However, if you have a mailbox with the email address “” at Office 365, you can use “” as the sender address and use Office 365 mailbox to sync contacts, calendar and so on.


  • Hi BTH14,

    If you have any other questions or concerns for the issue, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
    It is always our pleasure to be of assistance.