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Too many identical sync commands.

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See picture.

I have al options try but no result. I hope that this forum can help me.




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  • Hello Maurice,

    I understand that the screen shot shows the device status after connecting your Android device to the Office 365 account.

    From the message provided (Too many identical sync commands), the issue may be caused that when the Android device connected to the Office 365 account, the Android device that do not comply with implementation standards may issue too many requests in a short period of time and thus put undue load on email servers.

    Based on my experience, you may refer to the following steps to re-connect the Android device to the Office 365 account.
    1. Remove the mobile phone at Mobile Phone tab at Exchange Control Panel.
    2. Remove the Office 365 account at the Android device.
    3. Re-set up the Office 365 account at the Android device.

    For detailed information about the issue, you may also refer to the following thread:


  • I try this many times but no results.....

    Too many identical sync commands is now i read Security policy application???

    I understand nothing of it hahaha!!!







  • Hi MEI,
    What iOS version is your device currently on please?  Again this issue crops up when the device is making to many requests in a short span of time to the server. 

    Please review this article:

    Kind regards,
    Carl D.
    MSFT Mobile Support.

  • I just updated my Samsung Galaxy S2 (T-mobile) Android to version 4.0.3 (ICS).  I am now getting this same problem too.  "The device says Update device security settings to use this account"

    Maurice, I see you have a Samsung phone as well.  Perhaps you have updated the Android ROM recently?  I wonder if Samsung has made a change to the ActiveSync portion and has now broke things.  I have noticed that server redirection is now working since 4.0.3, but now this bug.

  • This is a galaxy s2 ics with 4.0.3

  • I think the only possibility is again ics 4.0.3 download?

  • I was able to get mine to work.  I setup the activesync account to sync manually.  It got most of my e-mail, then it stopped.  I looked in Mobile Phone section and again it said Access denied.  I left my account in the phone, but deleted the entry from Mobile Phones.  I then started another manual sync and it pulled the rest of the messages down and added a new entry to the Mobile Phones list.  After it was done with the initial sync, I changed the account sync back to "Push".

  • Hi MEI,

    There are currently issues with Samsung's implimentation of Active Sync according to the research I've done.  The work around's expressed here have ranged from remove/re-add ( sometimes works ) to simply going with a third party application like "TouchDown" until Samsung updates it's Active Sync implimentation.

    I apologize I don't have better news for you.

    Kind regards,
    Carl D.
    MSFT Mobile Support.

  • I've suffered the same issue after upgrading my Samsung Galaxy S2 (ATT i777) to ICS 4.0.3.  This is an unfortunate bug by Samsung and I fail to understand why a mobile phone vendor has to make any changes to activesync code.  

    As a temporary setup I have switched to IMAP access to Office 365 but you loose push and other features.  I am hoping this is solved quickly but we all know how long it takes patches to come from mobile phone companies and then to be approved and released by the US carriers.