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Office 365 Outlook 2007 prompts for passwords

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Each week several of our users are prompted for a username and password while using Outlook 2007 with Office 365. We enter the username and password in the pop up box, check remember my password, and press OK. Outlook is reconnected for a few weeks, but eventually they will be prompted again. 


We have 94 users and a there's usually 2-3 per day that are prompted for their credentials.  This cauese a lot of frustration for our users and a lot of work loss each week. 


Here are the details:

  • Migrated from BPOS to Exchange Online Plan 1 two months ago
  • Each client has the BPOS sign in application uninstalled and the registry fix applied
  • Each client has the MS office 365 desktop setup ran successfully
  • Each clients uses Outlook 2007 SP3 and Windows 7 Pro SP1
  • Our password policy is set to never expire for all users
  • Outlook was configured using autodiscover, we do not use single sign on
  • A Microsoft rep has viewed our setup and cannot find anything wrong
  • The Windows Credential Manager shows multiple server addresses including (,,,
  • Our OWA address is


Does anyone else use Outlook 2007 without single sign on?  Are they having the same issues?

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  • Some of our users this morning (including myself) are now be redirected back to a BPOS address:

    Welcome back to

    User name and password prompt does not work.  Started happening around 8:30 this morning for us.  I deleted all of the stored information in the credential manager.  When reconnecting it first goes to the Office 365 server and accepts the user name and password and then within 30 seconds redirects and cannot connect to the BPOS address.  Anyone else seen this?  I no longer have the sign in tool installed on my computer since transitioning to Office 365 a month ago.  

  • Hey ITGUY80,

    We see the on a client every once and awhile.  For us, the registry fix at: stops the RED001 prompts.  This only applies to clients that are being prompted with the RED001 address.  If they are being prompted for credentials from any of the 365 servers (e.g. the registry fix is not relevant.

    Hope that helps.

  • Hey jmorphew, thanks that worked.  Very odd that popped up almost a month after transition and uninstalling the old BPOS client.  Thank you!

  • I haven't posted recently as I haven't had any problems, but by the same token I hadn't had any client server changes either.

    Over the last two days we've seen several client server changes, the sign-in assistant prompted for credentials, the credentials were entered and the Outlook 2007 SP3 clients processed the mail server changes and functioned flawlessly.

    Even my own client went through the process this morning without any hiccups.

    There is, of course, no solution being offered in my post. However, if I'm not experiencing a problem anymore, then that is solution enough for me and my situation.

    Certainly, I hope that the anyone else who experienced the problem has seen a similar return to normalcy.

    Also, thanks to Microsoft, for whatever it is you may or may not have done.

  • Shane our issue is that when the client server changes we don't want our end users having to put their password back in because we don't want them to have the passwords. As you can see this becomes a huge burden on the support side when do have to keep putting passwords back in.

  • Oh absolutely, svt.

    Fortunately for me, these days I'm administering a small family business operation where I have direct and daily contact with all users and machines.

    As such, I can use my personal discretion and web based workarounds, which are not options available to a majority of the IT officers posting in this thread.

    The issue definitely needs a permanent fix, whether it's patching the Outlook client or patching the Exchange Online servers.

    Microsoft products need to be working seamlessly with Microsoft services, and right now that just isn't the case for most people posting in this thread.

  • My case got escalated to an engineer last week and the following is the fix that he suggested It is different than the first knowledgebase article I was directed to. Gonna start testing and see how it goes.

  • I haven’t tried this one.  Let me know if you have any luck with it.  It looks similar to It looks similar to KB 956531 except the opposite value for DisableTransientFailureAuthPrompts.  Looks promising, hopefully it works…

  • Hello Jmorphew,

    I wanted to confirm if the suggested solution resolved your issue? Please let us know if you have any further questions.

    Kinds regards,
    Mario Novoa
    O365 Technical Support

  • We're in the middle of an ERP migration so I will not have time to test KB2540817 until after Aug 20th.  Maybe Tarquin will have something sooner.  Thanks for the follow up.

  • This is still an open issue for me. Just yesterday I had about 4 Outlook 2007 clients start asking users for passwords again. Had to log in and fix them all remotely.

    I don't know why we can't just put in a password, click "remember my password/credentials" and leave it. I had a few users setup using POP and we'd configure their password once, and it worked fine for 7 years without ever having to retype the same password. Why can't an expensive mail solution figure this out.

  • Hello Everyone,

    I apologize for the inconveniences this issue may have caused you and your Organization.  Please try this workaround at URL:,  please let me know if this was helpful.

    If you have additional questions or concerns feel free to post on the forum. I look forward to hear from you soon.

    Best regards,


  • We are having the same issues with Outlook 2007 connecting to Exchange Online.

    Every time Outlook is started it will request login credentials.

    None of the recommended fixes works. Outlook anywhere authentication is set to basic and so the prompt doesn't have the option to save password.

    This is a real issue as we also do not want end uses having access to their password.

  • I tested KB Article 2540817: it doesn't stop the password promts.

    It looked promising, but didn't work.  Let me know if you come across any other suggestions.


  • Hey Long Tran,

    Your issue sounds slightly different.  We get the optoin to save the password, but it reprompts after each server change.  You might want to give MS a call and have them checkout your Outlook setup.