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Office 365 Outlook 2007 prompts for passwords

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Each week several of our users are prompted for a username and password while using Outlook 2007 with Office 365. We enter the username and password in the pop up box, check remember my password, and press OK. Outlook is reconnected for a few weeks, but eventually they will be prompted again. 


We have 94 users and a there's usually 2-3 per day that are prompted for their credentials.  This cauese a lot of frustration for our users and a lot of work loss each week. 


Here are the details:

  • Migrated from BPOS to Exchange Online Plan 1 two months ago
  • Each client has the BPOS sign in application uninstalled and the registry fix applied
  • Each client has the MS office 365 desktop setup ran successfully
  • Each clients uses Outlook 2007 SP3 and Windows 7 Pro SP1
  • Our password policy is set to never expire for all users
  • Outlook was configured using autodiscover, we do not use single sign on
  • A Microsoft rep has viewed our setup and cannot find anything wrong
  • The Windows Credential Manager shows multiple server addresses including (,,,
  • Our OWA address is


Does anyone else use Outlook 2007 without single sign on?  Are they having the same issues?

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  • We had a 2 hour outage a few weeks ago, just had to wait it out.  The server status page was never updated to reflect the outage.  

    I still have an open ticket for the password promts.  So far they haven't been able to come up with any new suggestions.

  • "I was told today by tech support that the service status page is used for "scheduled maintenance" or for outages (but take some time get put on the site and usually show up after any issues are resolved)." - ITGUY80

    If that is the case, and if Microsoft employees are openly acknowledging that as the case, then the Service Health page should not say "Current Status".

    To that end I will repeat what I said seven weeks ago: 

    "...a service status tool that doesn't accurately reflect service status is more of a hinderence than a help." - Shane M.

  • If there is a positive in this credential quagmire, it is the fact that the root cause continues to be the same and the undesired consequences remain constant, which means I can cut and past from the previous days post.

    Another day, another client server change, another Outlook 2007 SP3 client stuck in offline mode, another day without answers from Microsoft.

    (CTRL-C -> CTRL-V -> ENTER -> WAIT)

  • ...and now you've moved my client account to a new server and now my Outlook is non-functional.

    While you're at it, why don't you just go ahead and kick my dog and pour a soda on my keyboard.

  • Add me to the list of people getting these annoying password re-prompts.. Its incredibly annoying, not just for me, but my users as well. Not to mention embarassing for me as users are acustomed to having their email just work. Now after switching to Office 365/Exchange online, its broken. If I had known this would be the case (users randomly being promted for passwords) I would have never switched.

    This needs to be fixed, and a fix is taking FAR too long.

  • "While you're at it, why don't you just go ahead and kick my dog and pour a soda on my keyboard." - Shane M.

    Oh, even better...

    With today's client server change "non-issue" knocking out email for myself, several folks in sales and the accounting department, I was called in to a meeting to explain why Microsoft products DO NOT work seamlessly with Microsoft services, and whether we should consider roadmapping a transition to a Mac based environment.

    While you and I realize that that would be trading one set of problems for another, these are not technology saavy people and the Apple mantra of "It Just Works" is winning the hearts and minds of people who are tired of daily fundamental failures that cripple their productivity.

  • Again, my most recent issue with a non-responsive Outlook client has healed itself 24 hours later.


  • This may not work as it has been a long time since it happened to me, but if I remember rightly this solved my problem.  If this has already been suggested then sorry, not reading every message!

    Go to the control panel, into user accounts and select credentials manager and add a generic credential;

    Internet or Network address=  (your email address) (your email address)

    Password=******* (Your password)

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  • I appreciate the offer, but sadly the Credentials Manager on my workstations already shows the generic credentials supplied by Exchange Online.


    Persistence: Enterprise

    In the spirit of hope springing eternal within the human ***, I continue to try each suggested fix, always hoping that maybe the next leap will be my leap home.

  • Hmmm....It appears that Microsoft considers the phrasing of Ernest Thayer to be obscene.

  • Good luck with your quest

  • I opened a case with Microsoft this week so they could have it on record that our organization is also having this issue. The tech I spoke with today suggested the following fix

    Has anyone out there tried this registry fix? I didn't see mention of it in previous posts.

  • Thank you for sharing, Tarquin.

    From the KB article that actually looks very promising

    Of course, I thought the updated Microsoft Online Services Sign in Assistant V 2.1 also looked promising.

    As tempted as I am to apply it site-wide before the next issue, I will wait for another instance to ensure troubleshooting integrity.

    It shouldn't be a long wait.

  • I hadn’t seen KB 956531 before your post.  I can only test it on a limited basis, but I’ll give it a shot.  The article states “Important Do not apply this hotfix if an account lockout policy has been applied.”  Our company has a lockout policy so I’m not going to roll it out to everyone.

    A couple things make me a bit skeptical.  The hotfix was last modified on March 21, 2011 and Office 365 wasn’t released until late June 2011.  We haven’t had this issue until migrating to Office 365.  Also, the article seemed geared towards scenarios with a local Exchange server where the Windows account credentials are also used for Exchange.  Maybe I’m reading it incorrectly, but it looks like the ‘Fix It’ sets the UseWindowsUserCredentials value to 1, forcing Outlook to use the Active Directory credentials and suppress the prompt.  Our AD credentials are different than our Exchange Credentials.

    Instead of running the fix it I manually set the UseWindowsUserCredentials value to 0.  I’ll let you know if I notice any difference.  I can’t roll it out on a wide scale so it will be a little more difficult to notice.  The other registry settings I left at DisableTransientFailureAuthPrompts to 0 and set theTransientFailureBackoff to 10000 (0x2710

  • Jmorphew: I tried out KB956531 and I still got the password prompts popping up. I will say that after upgrading one of my sites to Office 2010 a few weeks ago the calls from that location about the password prompts has stoppeds. I know it's not a cheap solution, but it does seem to resolve the issue...