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Which mobile devices have least problems sync'ing with Microsoft 365

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Any advice you could give me on  the following would be much appreciated:-

I was part of the 365 beta trial but came away when I couldn't get my phone's calendar to sync well with 365 (the emails worked very well).  My wife & I are now changing our phones and are after recommendations.

(Our PC's are running MS Office 2007).


We are looking to get an Ipad between us, to hold the family's weekly diary (3 kids!) .... do Ipads sync calendars to 365 with full functionality?

My wife would then like an Iphone or Blackberry .... so we have the same question.


I have no strong preference for a phone but want it to sync well with 365 ... so am after any recommendations.


As I say any advice you could offer would be be very welcome.  Thank you for your time.

Best wishes


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  • Hi Ed,

    Thanks for your post. Mobile devices are using active sync to get all the information from Exchange online mailbox. (it also can sync back to the mailbox). If you are using iPad or blackberry to compare with Outlook2007, no one has the full functionality. For example , you can use iPad to get the calender information and also can update the information. However, if you'd like to setup some permission or see other mailbox. It's unavailable.

    I'm not going to say which mobile is better for the Office365. My suggestion is you can take a look at iOS, android, Windows mobile and blackberry and ask vender for the detail.

    Thanks, Neo Zhu

  • Thanks Neo,

    Thanks for your reply.  If I want to get a spec of the MS 365 functionality that works with each mobile device (Ipad, Iphone, android, Windows mobile) could you point me to the best source(s) of this information?  Is it that I have to speak to each individual phone manufacturer - and if they don't have the detail then it doesn't exist?



  • Hi Ed,

    I have a Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone 7.5, and seems to work with everything. My outlook e-mail, outlook calendar, team site, and the web apps all work fine. Also it sync's just as well with my hotmail e-mail, calendar, and windows live skydrive. To get all this hooked up and working, all I needed to do was input the user name and password for each service, I did not have to go looking for server address or anyother stuff, just name and password.

    So far it works like a champ regardless which way the changes are going, I have added contact and itmes on desktop, and on phone, and lost nothing either way.

    Hope this helps.


  • Same idea with Robert, WP is the bast in this case.

  • Hi Ed,

    How are you? I'm writing in just want to ensure that all the information above is useful for you.

    Thanks, Neo Zhu