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Setting up Group Discussions (email lists) in O365

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We recently joined the O365 family and have converted our email as well (ex:  I now need to develop a discussion group (email list) similar to 'google groups' or like a 'listserv'.  How can this be setup/managed in O365?  We own our domain name but have it registered with a different registrar at this time.   


Thank you for your input.


Leah :-)

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  • Hi Leah,

    Based on my understanding you want to create a distribution group. Please follow the articles below to do so.

    Create a New Distribution Group

    Change Distribution Group Properties

    Best Regards,
    Alex Du

  • Hi Leah,

    How are things going on your side? If you need further assistance, please let me know. Thanks.

    Alex Du

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  • This was very helpful and I successfully created the group.  I am testing sending and receiving emails to see how a request to join comes across to me and how I go about performing the denial or acceptance.  Shouldn't I be seeing the request from a user in my outlook inbox, as the owner of the group?  If not, where do I see these messages?  Have I not coded something properly?

  • Hi LeahPlaz,

    Sorry for the delay.

    As the DG’s owner, we should receive the join request. So please check if you were the owner of the DG and if you set the membership approval to “owner approval”. Thanks.

    Best Regards,
    Alex Du