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Auto Response for entire Domain

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Is there a way to have a domain added to Exchange Office 365 where instead of a bounce back message for users not found, it sends out a custom message?


For example:


If I have no user instead of sending back 'does not like recipient.' bounce back it says some custom message.





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  • Hi Joseph,

    Unfortunately no there is no way to customize the NDR in Office 365 and catchall addresses aren't allowed either, you are stuck with the standard NDR.


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  • Hi Joseph,

    As Jorge said, there is no way to customize the NDR message. Therefore, I would like to know why you want to customize the NDR. Maybe we can find a workaround for that. Thanks.

    Best Regards,
    Alex Du

  • Hi Joseph,

    How are things going on your side? If you need further assistance, please let me know. Thanks.

    Alex Du

  • The reason is we have a domain name that we would like to phase out as the spelling is very similar to the main one, for example we have one with the number 2 instead of TO and it would be great if someone emailed the 2 address to have a bounce back saying please email the person at the TO address, does that make sense?  Right now I would have to add all the users to the 2 address and make sure people inform the users.

  • Hi Elvisfrog,

    I understand your concerns.

    There is my suggestion, I hope it works on your environment. We could set a transport rule “if recipient includes domain, then block the e-mail with notification ‘please resent the e-mail to’”.

    Best Regards,
    Alex Du