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OLSB Migration - Email Issues

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OK - I am nearly there with this migration malarky - I have migrated 2 accounts - both websites are now working correctly and the email on one account is OK but not the other.  I've tried everything I can think of - I've done the same on both accounts - please help because of course it's the most important one which is not working!!


Many thanks 

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  • Hi There

    Could you please post a bit more info?


  • What more information do you need?   I've followed the instructions - done the same for both accounts and now on one account I am not receiving email via Windows Live Mail which is what I use for email although everything is working fine for the one account.  I've not done anything different and I can't see anything obvious to change/amend etc so am at  a complete loss and losing a day's business

  • Can you seeing anything on the OWA for the account that isnt working? Are both emails on the same domain?


  • I've just been in to check and yes there are emails sitting on the OWA for that email address on the one domain but still nothing on Windows Live Mail or my blackberry.

    The other email accounts are working from another domain.

    I followed the exact same migration process for both which is why I don't understand why it is different.  

    Thank you

  • It seems now I can send from Windows Live Mail but still not receiving - any ideas?

  • receiving in OWA but not Windows Live - I can't believe how frustrating this all is!

  • Hiya

    The good new is email is being delivered so the only issue would appear to be the email server settings in windows mail. You can get all the info re: server name etc by going into OWA and I believe the settings are listed in the options box or help --> about under pop3,imap and smtp



  • But surely I shouldn't have to reset it if they have been received earlier today and I am able to send!

  • sorry, I am getting confused. 2 accounts one which is working on send and receive and one thats not?


  • Hello Carhill46.

    Just checking to see how things are going now. Can you send/receive emails properly with Office 365 mailbox now? Thank you.

    Jack Sun