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Okay, so I woke up on Monday morning to a new inbox in my Outlook named "Inbox0" in addition to my regular inbox.  Perplexedly, I did not create this inbox and it appears that all of my connected account emails come into this inbox now rather than my normal inbox, like they did prior to Monday morning.

I have tried to delete the inbox - no avail.  I tried to create a rule to redirect everything to my "Inbox."  Doesn't seem to want to work.  WTF?

What is this Inbox0?  Why did it suddenly appear?  How do I get rid of it?  If I can't, how do I create a rule that Outlook will follow to move all Inbox0 traffic automatically to my regular Inbox?


- Rob

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  • Hello

    open a support ticket to ask updates regarding 'default' mailbox folders

    you can do nothing (except maybe deleting the Inbox (not Inbox0)) but I don't recommend it :D