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Issue with multiple Exchange Office 365 accounts in Outlook 2010

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I am running Office 2010 on Windows 7 and I am trying to connect to 2 Office 365 Exchange accounts within our Office 365 account (i.e. 2 different email addresses that fall under the same domain in our Office 365 account).

It seems that once Outlook connects to 1 of the accounts, the other is never able to connect.  It seems to connect to the default account first, and then the 2nd Exchange account never connects.  We previously used a different Hosted Exchange provider (before Office 365) and it worked fine, so it seems that something at Office 365 is blocking this somehow ?

This is driving me crazy, so please help if you can !

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  • Gabriel, I don't understand why this kind of a solution is proposed and repeated as it isn't a suitable solution. I would expect that people from Microsoft would have more experience and should know more about Microsoft products

    With the solution you suggest all sent emails arrive in the wrong sent mailbox (only in the user account sent mailbox). This means mails sent for example from an info@... address which has been added by your way will never arrive in the sent mailbox. No other user can' see any reply. Emails will be sent on behave off and you don't always want customers can see your personal address

    I was experiencing the above problem 9 months and recently all computers are working well, with some 3 different accounts added. The experience I have is that if one of the accounts can't connect to the exchange server the following might help


    - close outlook and reboot your pc

    - restart outlook

    We experienced problems with outlook when we didn't close outlook and the pc goes in sleep mode. If we don't rebout some accounts just can't connect. Also try to turn of your firewall to see if it helps


    if the above doesnt help you should remove all added accounts from outlook, close outlook, and add them again one by one..

    I will not shout very loud, but at this moment all are working fine. The above is not a professional solution as it seems MS have some bugs in office365 or outlook: it has given us a terrible headache and we had to install several outlook for one user on different locations, if one was not working well they could access on  a remote servers to access by remote desktop connection, This is not really a cheap solution but it gave us the guarantee iemployees could access outlook on the server which would perhaps work

  • Hi Folks,

    The workaround that Gabe submitted works, it just needs one additional PowerShell command to make it fully functional:

    1) Add-MailboxPermission –Identity –User –AccessRights FullAccess –AutoMapping $false

    This permission gives full access to the mailbox

    2) Add-RecipientPermission –Identity –Trustee –AccessRights SendAs

    This permissions gives send-as access to the mailbox

    Please note, some info on the web about setting up send-as permissions suggest using the "Add-ADPermission" cmdlet.  In my testing, this causes emails sent from's mailbox to appear in's sent items (as Sandy pointed out above).  So if you implement this workaround, please make sure to use Add-RecipientPermission

    Finally, the Add-RecipientPermission permission doesn't get applied immediately, it may take and hour or more after you apply it for it to take effect (took about 35 mins for me).

    Just an FYI, I know the folks at Microsoft are working very hard on this.  I have setup a reproduction VM for them, and they have logged in several times to collect logs, and test fixes.  Don't beat them up too much about this.  Gabe and Larry have engaged the Windows, Outlook, and Exchange teams  to all work on  this together.  I know sometimes this thread looks a little dead, but I have been exchanging email with Gabe and Larry on this almost daily for months, so I know they are working hard to get the problem rectified.

  • Have there been any more headway into a real fix for this???  I shouldn't have to be going into Powershell to make this work.  I am still having issues with having 3 exchange accounts on the same domain under my outlook 2010 profile, I get constant disconnects and usually don't receive my emails 5-10min after the fact sometimes longer.

  • Sean,

    For the time being please use the solution in this KB article,  It does unfortunately require using powershell.  We will be updating the article with more explicit steps to help make it easier to follow.  The problem with the disconnects happens when using multiple user accounts to access multiple mailboxes.  The solution works around the problem by configuring a single user account to access multiple mailboxes.  The Product Team is still investigating a longer term permanant fix.  We do not have a timeline yet when that fix will be available.

  • I have ahad a case open for 1 month now, case # SRX1171088538ID - EST US | Constantly dropping connection.

    Last response today

    "Dear Paul Banco,

    My Name is John Rockafellow with Microsoft Office 365 Support

    I have heard back from the Consult request and they are investigating the issue.

    I am still waiting for an update

    If you have questions or want to add details, please update the service request via the Microsoft Online Services Administration Center.

    Thank you for contacting the Microsoft Online Services Technical Support.

    John Rockafellow

    Microsoft Support Engineer - Toll Free: 866-449-7834 ext.: 72561

    Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 05:30 - 14:00 PST

    Manager: Luis Napoleon - Toll Free: 866-449-7834 ext: 72359

    Don't lose access to your account! Enable self-service password reset for administrators! KB 2646254

    If at any time you cannot reach me, please contact the next available Support Engineer. To do this, please call one of the numbers found in the Administration Center (, or call US/Can is: 1-800-865-9408.

  • Latest update, I received this at 7:36am EST.

    "Hello Paul

    This is John Rockafellow with Microsoft Online Services Technical Support.

    Regarding your Service Request "1171088538", I am going to reassign this service request to the next level of support. The next available Support Agent will respond via this service request as soon as they are available. Thank you for your patience.

    Please update the Service Request in the Microsoft Online Admin Center if you have any questions.

    Thank you for contacting the Microsoft Online Services Technical Support.

  • Dear Support-Team,

    is there any update on this issue? My clients still have troubles with more than one email-account on the same domain in Outlook 2010!

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards,


  • This was an email from Microsoft

    From: Joseph Ludwig []

    Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 8:36 PM

    To: Paul

    Cc:; Siva Shankar

    Subject: RE: Microsoft Online Case No: 112030745546289

    HI Paul,

    As we discussed it’s know issue with Office 365, It will be fixed next rollup of office 365, at that time it will be fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. Meanwhile will close this case with your permission, will intimate you once roll up is released.



  • Reinhard,

    For the time being, please use the workaround in this KB article to use more than one account with Outlook,  The Product Team is investigating a solution but we do not yet know when a fix will be released.  

  • To make matters worse, my workaround was to use IMAP for the 2nd account (which is shared among a bunch of people).  They made a change on the servers that breaks that ability now:

    "Unfortunately with the latest version of Exchange Online, we only support a maximum of 1 concurrent connection(s) to an IMAP mailbox. "

    It's like mission impossible trying to get 2 accounts reliably connected now.  Is there an ETA when this rollup fix will be happening?

  • Nick,

    The Product Team is still investigating the issue and we do not have a timeline for a fix yet.  For the time being, please use the solution in this KB article,  As we make any progress I'll update the forum thread.

  • Could you let me know your tip?

  • We are having the same problem. Multiple accounts in the same outlook profile is not possible.  20 personal accounts and 6 account to be used als multiple mailbox.  The hostfile hack works but it meens a lot of extra work.  20 workplaces ( at the office) where we have to change the hostfile so more than one account can be used in outlook 2010.  Than 10 workplaces (private pc's) for the peoples who somethimes work at home to be changed.  We really need a fix from microsoft.

    What if microsoft changes the IP addresses for the exchange servers?  Do we need too do all the work again.  



  • Hi Nisse,

    You should try the recently listed KB article steps.  This solves the problem without the need to adjust hosts files.

  • Hi,

    KB2675986 is not an acceptable solutions because than all send e-mails and reply's are stored in the send folder from the default (first) account and not in the send folder for the shared account.

    We really need the items in the send folder of the shared account.