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Connected Accounts do not work - Outlook 2010 does not get Connected account email unless OWA is logged into

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I have setup an Office 365 "Connected" account via IMAP  - works perfectly as long as i hae OWA open

IF OWA is nt open then no email from the connected accountcomes to my Outlook 2010 PC client - or to my iPHONE client

I have deleted and resetup the Connected account - no change

I have waited several days - have sent test emails and checked in the connected accounts mailbox via its web client - lots of emails in their - not beinng sent through


I have read the forums an many other sites of people unsuccessfully atempting this...


My conclusion is this doe not work and should be abandoned

How ever if there is a sensible, considered suggestion or troubleshooting that can be done i am happy to give it a god

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  • Hello Tony,

    Is there any error of the status of your connected account? You can look in the Status column for the selected account in Options > See All Options > Account > Connected Accounts. Or, click Details for the account to get detailed connection status in the Current Status section. The Current Status section shows helpful information about the connected account. If your connected account isn't downloading e-mail, the section can offer information on how to fix the issue.

    Meanwhile, there is an easy workaround if you want to manage emails sent to both of your mailboxes from Office 365. You can setup a forwarding rule that forwards all of the mail from your IMAP mailbox to your Office 365 account first. And then, you will see all emails sent to both your mailboxes for your Office 365 account.

    Additional Information
    Learn About Connected Accounts

    FAQs: Downloading E-Mail from Connected Accounts

    Thank you.

    Jack Sun

  • Thanks Jack

    Their is not error - its status is OK

    as i indicated email comes ito the account perfectly when OWA is open (- so i am assuming we do not have any "Connected account" setup issues), and never when it is not


    I find it a little frustrating when the originating document is not read

    many many Office 365 users are reporting the same issue and it seems everyone is ignoring the issue and - like you just did assuming i cant read the oline help which describes functionality - but does not help with a bug/misconfiguration


    Has anyone actually tested that it works - given the number of people with the issue?


    So again - i am concluding this functionality does not work


  • Hi Tony,

    Are you allowing enough time for Office 365 to fetch the mail from the connected accounts? By design, it only happens once an hour.

  • Yeah - I waited days several times over a 3 week period before posting the question

    At the moment I have resorted to adding an IMAP account to my outlook 2010 desktop and a rule to move mail to the inbox

    Not right but adequate

    If their is anything else to try i am happy to giv it a go

  • I am encountering the same issue in that email to a connected account only downloads when OWA is open.  This situation effectively kills using Outlook desktop with Office 365.   I guess we could use the work around suggested above  BUT WHY??????

    I have 2 connected accounts - one is a comcast cast account - this accounts seems to work as expected in that all mail is available in Outlook 2010 (after expected delay).   Other account is from our domain registered at Network solutions.  Email to this account only downloads when OWA is opened,  very odd and frustrating.   I also noticed the "leave mail on server" option checkbox is not available for this account.  

    For me, this issue is a show stopper.  We are looking to use Office 365 to provide device indepent access to all features of our email including user folders.  

    Any suggestions?