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having problems getting outlook 365 to work

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Anyone having problems getting outlook 365 to come up.  I can sign into my account using but when I click on outlook, it eventually comes up after a long time with:

X-FEServer: CO2PR05CA034
Date: 6/24/2014 1:43:14 PM

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  • I don't had a PM from you.  Gosh just post the message on the forum, duh.

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  • No PMs here either.

  • Our entire corporation cannot send or receive emails from Outlook (Office 365 Exchange) or even the OWA web browser as of 8AM MST time this morning June 24, 2014!  I have never seen a world-wide email go down like this.

    I have been on hold for 30-45 minutes after calling technical support, and have not even had a single second from a customer service representative.

    It looks like Microsoft India is too busy to help out at the moment.....  They really should think twice about outsourcing all their technical support to India.   When I do finally get technical support I can normally here the guy in India (who I have trouble understanding) typing on Microsoft's search engine to find answers to my questions.  Usually I find the exact same articles that they reference on google myself as I talk with the India Microsoft representative on the phone (long before they do, but patiently wait anyways to see if they scrounge up anything better).  Usually their knowledge is quite limited in my experience.

    And to have this widespread of a  problem and not even post something on the Service Status page of Microsoft Office for the portal is completely irresponsible and is negligent.

    This is where they should be posting that this is occurring:

  • Been down since June 24, 2014 since 7AM this morning.  Whole corporation cannot send or receive emails.

  • The service is showing interruption on the service health page, see EX7211. You are correct about the long hold times, I'm at 47+ minutes now. I spoke with one rep who took down my info and existing case number but provided no help whatsoever other than to transfer me. I know once I do get transferred the tech in India will ask to do a remote session with me which is BS. The issue is not on a local workstation, its in the MS Data Center.

  • Nothing but crickets.  At least they finally threw the red flag today (it took two hours).  Lync was down all day yesterday but never triggered a service interruption.

    Office365 is beginning to look like a very poor choice for mission critical services.

  • Here in Columbus, OH our email service has been down since 10am. Debilitating to our companies work flow ability this morning. Any insight on when this will be remedied?

  • Hi All,

    We have noticed the issue that the Exchange Online service failed to be accessed for multiple users.

    Here is the latest information we get about this issue:


    Current Status: Microsoft has identified an issue in which a portion of capacity responsible for facilitating connectivity to the Exchange Online service has entered into a degraded state. Engineers are actively working on a solution to remediate impact.

    Customer Impact: Affected customers are unable to access the Exchange Online service.

    Incident Start Time: Tuesday, June 24, 2014, at 1:11 PM UTC


    We apologize for the inconvenience caused. And we’ll update the post once we get the updates.

    Best regards,


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  • David can you confirm why  Microsoft has not posted an update after three hours of not working on the place where they say they put this kind of information:

    This is where they should be posting that this is occurring:

    Why have they not posted this here David?

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  • After spending an hour and 15m on hold, I finally spoke with a technician who told me "they're working on it" and there was no ETA on resolution. Unreal, 1 hour? 2? 1 day? Anything other than "I don't know" would have been better.

  • The tech also told me he would keep me updated via email. We're not getting any emails, that's the f'ing problem!

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  • Our organization is not receiving e-mails either.

  • Same problem here in Guelph Ontario

  • Our entire company email is down as well, since 10 AM CST. I have a ticket in with them as well.

  • It just started working again.  I can now login into the web Outlook portal.  But cannot login into my Outlook on my desktop.  A start anyways.

    Was on hold for 2 hours.  No one ever answered and never got transferred to a technician ( A person from India with the worst English I have seen in a long time, even my Microsoft India standards, took about 20 minutes to just take down my information and domain name.... 15 minutes of that was them spelling my name A for Alpha, B for bravo, C for ....... enough to make one go crazy sometimes)

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