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Cannot see all appointments in shared calendar

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Viewing a shared calendar from other staff member. Configured as editor. was working fine now only showing the all day events, cannot see any timed events from other end.


working OK in OWA not on outlook, WHY?

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  • Hi mrwilde,

    Thanks for your post. For my understanding, you can see the all day events of the shared mailbox. However, all the appointment with the special time you can see it. If I have any misunderstanding , please correct me in time.

    As for this case : Based on my experience, It could be related to network connectivity issue.  I would like you can use "Exchange Online" mode with the new mail profile and try again.  If so, I would like you can use Exchange Online mode as a temporary walk-around solution.

    On the other hand, you can also try to setup the new appointment on other computer to see if there same issue or not.


  • Yes any appointment with times set and not configure as all day event, is not seen on recipient or the person the calendar is being shared with.

    When referring to exchange online mode do you mean Outlook Web Access? the calendar works fine in OWA, it is only with outlook there is an issue

    I have configured outlook on another PC on another network and the problem remains.

  • Hi Rob,

    Thanks for your reply.  For Outlook Exchagne Online mode you can take a look at On the other hand, when the issue happen? It happen when the shared mailbox has been created or just recently? I also would like you can create a new shared mailbox for the testing. Thanks for your understanding, your time is appreciated.

    Thanks, Neo Zhu

  • no difference with or without

    as I said I have it on 2 separate machine on separate networks and one is with cached exchange and the other is without.

    it has been working fine since december and stopped working late last week.

  • Hello Rob Wilde,

    Did the owner of the calendar change permissions in any way? Do you see Free/Busy information on the other user's calendar? Does it show blocks of "Busy/Tenantive/Out of Office" but not appointment details?

    While in the calendar in Outlook, what does the "Properties" window show on the Summary tab? Is the calendar owner setting the appointments as "private"?

    If you can provide a screen shot of the permissions (from the calendar owner's side) and your permissions (as noted from the Properties window, it would help to try to diagnose the issue. As well, it would help to know what version of Outlook you are using (2007 or 2010).

    Given that you state it works correctly from OWA, this appears to be a client issue.

    I look forward to getting the additional information to assist you in ressolving this for you.

    Mickey Levine
    Office 365 Forum Support

  • No I don't believe so as I have checked the permissions of the owner of the calendar.  The other user can see all appointments using the Scheduling assistant when booking appoint with the Calendar owner.

    Snapshot of summary for shared calendar user IDJ Admin

    Image of Properties from Calendar Owner

    All users have the Outlook 2010 Professional Plus from Office 365. As you can see there is another user Elissa who has same properties and she can see all appointments in the calendar.

    I would normally agree regarding the statement that it is a client issue, but as I have stated I have installed this on more than one machine on 2 separate networks with different ISPs. The result is the same on both WHY?

  • Hello Rob - you have a rather perplexing issue!

    I'm not too sure why you would not have the permissions that are correctly set.

    You stated that through OWA you can see the calendar just fine but through the client you cannot (for your account).

    The availablibility of this information is highly dependent on the Free/Busy service which is provided by the CAS Mailbox.

    Are you using an Autodiscover CNAME record for your organization ( points to And when you created the profile, did you specify the mailbox or allow Autodiscover to configure the connection for you?

    And after speaking to two other support folks - did you ask to have the folder owner remove you and readd you as the editor? (Or if you would prefer, you could do that through PowerShell using the Remove- and Add-MailboxFolderPermissions cmdlets:

    Remove-MailboxFolderPermission -identity User1:\Calendar -User "IDJ Admin"
    Add-MailboxFolderPermission -identity User1:\Calendar -User "IDJ Admin" -AccessRights Editor

    Please let me know if any of this helps to resolve this for you.

    Mickey Levine
    Office 365 Forum Support

  • Have removed Calendar share for the user and then removed the calendar from the user account. Re-added the share as editor and then accepted the "Share Calendar" request received and the problem remains.

    Then I tried the Power Shell and checked the folder permissions, it stated reviewer not editor. ran the commands you stated above and presto it is back. Thanks