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outlook 2003

  • I know Outlook 2003 isnt supported with Office365 but will it still work?

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  • Hello,

    Users will not be able to connect Outlook 2003 to O365 Exchange Online via MAPI (and Outlook Anywhere).  Although POP and IMAP connections will technically work, Support will not assist customers in this scenario.  

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    Chase Dahl

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  • So will the current Microsoft online services sign in tool still connect?

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    No.  The BPOS Sign-In Tool is completely incompatible with O365, and should be uninstalled on any client machines where you're planning on using Office365.   Having the tool installed on an O365 client can cause problems such as the inability of Outlook 2010 to configure your connection settings.

    The BPOS Sign-In Tool, combined with the workaround "connector", allowed Outlook 2003 to get Free/Busy information in BPOS.  Outlook 2003 was natively able to get mail from the Exchange 2007 BPOS servers.  This is no longer the case with O365.

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    Chase Dahl

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  • Will the relay I set up for our scanners used to scan to email still continue to work? Instructions is in the link below.

    No thanks to microsoft support on getting this to work... I got lucky finding this artical on setting up a relay.

  • Jemminey chrickets, why haven't any of you sheep asked WHY Outlook 2003 is NOT supported?

    It's  a HOOK by microsoft to force you to BUY MORE SOFTWARE.  I cannot read and reply to emails, nor

    file them any faster with Outlook 2010, so why should I have to BUY IT AGAIN?

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  • Last time I checke Rickkee EVERY software vendor in the world upgrades their software. It is 2012, 9 years past 2003!

  • Hey, no need to be insulting. There are solid, technical reaons why Outlook 2003 is not supported. Autodiscover and free/busy are among them. Also, many people find it much easier to work faster with Outlook 2010. For example having multiple email accounts in the same profile, the Outlook Social connector, Conversation view, better indexing and many other productivty improvements.  

    That said, I think Microsoft did recently announce POP3 support for Outlook 2003. If they were truely interested in forcing you to upgrade,. they would never had one that.