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Syncing Outlook 365 on Surface 2 Pro with Outlook 2007 on laptop running Vista Home Premium

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I gave my wife an early Christmas present of a Surface 2 Pro & Office 365 to start using while she is laid up from hip replacement surgery. She has been using Outlook 2007 for several years on her laptop and wants to email against the same email account from both the laptop and the Surface seamlessly. She wants all incoming messages to appear on both computers as well as address book and history. Her ISP uses POP/SMTP. Is what she wants to do feasible? I haven't set up Outlook on the Surface for fear of messing up what she already has on her laptop.
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  • Hi Tom,

    I am sorry to hear that. I hope your wife will recover soon.

    I can fully understand your wife needs to use the same POP account on the new Surface Pro. Do you mean your wife is using Office 365 Home Premium (or University) on Surface Pro? If not, please feel free to correct me. I notice this issue is strictly related to the Outlook client and the POP account. As our forum focuses on Office 365 online service related issue, I am so sorry that I could not provide the detailed instructions from my side. However, we have a specialized forum for Outlook client:

    Outlook Technet forum or

    Office forum

    Moreover, in the Office forum, you can also change the category to Surface Pro, and click Apply to post this question at the Surface forum:

    Surface forum:

    To provide you with better service, I suggest you post this question at those forums. Their engineers will be more proper and professional to help you resolve this issue.


    Young Yang

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  • She is using Office 365 Small Business Premium because she uses Access. I also loaded one of the five users on a laptop I have that runs Windows 7 but it now crashes all the time after I loaded Office 365 on it, but that's another problem to be solved.

  • Hi

    It seems the situation is not so clear, let's make some clarification. therefore you can get more help.

    1. You say "Outlook 365 on Surface 2 Pro", what is the version of outlook client used in Surface?

    2. For "Christmas present of a Surface 2 Pro & Office 365"

    which office 365 plan have you bought?

    3. "Her ISP uses POP/SMTP"

    which ISP? Is it a 3-party email provider, and her email account is hosted there?

    4. you also mention "She is using Office 365 Small Business Premium because she uses Access"

    Does she also have an Exchange Online account? I am a bit confused about this. How many email accounts has sha got? Which account do you want to configure on Surface.

    It seems all this issue is strictly related to the Outlook client, the key point is how to configure the account in Surface.


  • 1. She has Office 365 Small Business Premium on her Surface 2 Pro & Outlook 2007 SP3 on her laptop that runs Vista Home Premium. She wants to synchronize the email she receives in the same email address on these two machines.

    2. Office 365 Small Business Premium of which I have installed 1 of the 5 copies on her Surface and a 2nd copy on a laptop I have that runs Windows 7 so that I can answer her questions. I have no plans on installing the other 3 copies because I don't want to introduce any more problems where none currently exist.

    3. In the US, ISP is a commonly used acronym for Internet Service Provider. As the name implies, ISPs provide access to the internet and, generally, an email address in the form of

    4. Office 365 Home Premium does not include Access, an application she uses. Office 365 Small Business Premium includes Access.

    She does not have an exchange account. She has only one email account, for purposes of explanation, I will call She wants to send and receive email from/to this account from both her laptop and her new Surface seamlessly. She wants all messages to appear on both machines and when she deletes or files a message on one of them, the action will be reflected on the other.

    Is there support for this product in the US?

  • m.. the situation is much more clear. you installed Outlook software on Surface, and now wondering how to configure the POP account on Outlook client on Surface. However, It seems this forum only covers the Office 365 cloud service, much different from your situation. your issue is just the POP account setup. maybe you'll not get much proper help from here.

    Just checking the following Outlook forum:  Or

    These are the Microsoft Outlook forums. Try to post your issue in either of the two forum, or both, just asking them how to configure the ISP POP/SMTP account in Outlook on Surface, you can get a better advice from there.