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A gmail reply from Exchange email was never received.

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I just started using this platform.  I have a gmail account.  I started testing the outlook email using the default configurations.  I sent a test email to my gmail account.  the email was received by gmail.  I replied back from gmail.  The email was never received by outlook.

This is probably just a configuration issue but, I don't know enough about Exchange to make it work right.  This needs to work right the first time!

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  • Hi,

    Does this testing mailbox's mail address use domain? If not, you need to update the MX record at your domain name registrar (or DNS hosting provider) to point it to Microsoft Online. Follow the following steps to configure your domain.

    1. On the Admin page, in the left pane, click Domains.
    2. Click the domain name that you want to verify, and then click the DNS settings tab. The DNS settings page lists the DNS records required to enable your domain to work with your Office 365 services.
    3. At your domain name registrar site, add the required records to your DNS file.