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Calendar Sync issues w/Android Mobile Phones?

  • I am having all kinds of synchronization issues with a mobile phone running Andorid 2.3.3 and my Calendar. When adding new events to either the Outlook Calendar or the calendar on the phone, everything syncs just fine. However, any
    changes made to an appointment in Outlook, including moving the appointment to a different date or deleting the appointment all together, these changes will not sync to the phone.


    I've tried rebooting the phone, deleting the phone from Mobile Phones section in OWA then synching the phone again, but the entries are not updating as expected. We never had any such issues with our previous Exchange
    hosting service, only started experiencing these issues when we moved to Office 365.


    Has anyone else noticed any similar type of synchornization issues with their Android based phones? I should add that my iPad has no issues and syncs just fine with the updates and deletes to the calendar.




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  • Hi T.Marquez,

    Which tool did you use to sync the Office 365 mailbox and calendar, ActiveSync or other software? If you are using ActiveSync to sync the calendar, please refer to the following article to re-set up Microsoft Exchange E-Mail on Andorid:

    If the issue persists, I suggest you turn off the calendar synchronization, delete all the entries from exchange calendar, turn the synchronization back on, and then add all the entries back to calendar. If your calendar contains a lot of information, you should be able to get the same results by exporting your calendar to a .ics file, deleting everything from the server calendar, and then importing the .ics file back to your calendar.

    Josephine Meng



  • Josephine, we have all our phones (a mixture of Android and iPhones) setup using ActiveSync. Last evening I've tried about everything I've found in every article on here. Finally, I completed removed the Exchange account, which removes all the calendars, emails and contacts. I then added the account back and waited it to sync everything. Everything was correct. However, this morning, I'm testing. And once again, when I make a change to an appointment or move it in Outlook, my phone does not update properly, the event stays in the same place without getting updated. The sync logs and the phone phone say the Calendar is synching successfully, I have no errors to report for this dicussion.  Even after removing the account and adding reapplying it, I'm back to square one on this issue.

    Anyone else having similar issues with Android based phones?

  • And to update, I've done more testing, so not only do entries in Outlook that are updated, moved, or deleted not get synchornized to the phone, any entries I make on the phone do NOT make it into Outlook. Again, no errors and we didn't have this problem with our previous hosted Exchange company so I'm curious as to the best way to actually troubleshoot this and resolve it. It is actually a big deal.

  • Hi T.Marquez,

    To further troubleshoot the issue, I recommend you refer to the article below:

    An Exchange Online mailbox calendar is not synchronized when you use an ActiveSync-based mobile device

    Josephine Meng

  • Thanks Josephine, I followed the steps and even deleted all calendar data from the phone after the reboot step, yet the problem, exactly as I have outlined it persists. I think we have tried about everything now that we can and have to assume there is some sort of odd issue with Calendar syncrhonization with ActiveSync on Office 365 vs an HTC EVO phone running Android 2.3.3.

  • We have the exact same issue, no problem with iPhone, Windows Phone or BlackBerry users, only with Android users.

  • Darren, thank you for posting here! It is good to know that we are not the only ones having this issue.  It may sound like a "little" matter with the calendar synching, but it actually causes a lot of frustration and lost time manually updating the phone.

  • It seems to be an issue with the HTC EVO.  We have users with HTC Rezound (2.3.4) that have no issues.

  • Came across this post and thought I'd add that I'm seeing calendar appointments created on the mobile device not synching back to the OWA / Outlook calendar as well (haven't tested updating existing appointments).  Seeing this issue on a HTC Droid Incredible using an account which has never been synched with the phone previously.

  • We have the same issues outlined in the first post with an HTC Incredible running 2.3.

  • Your calendar may be pulling from your website instead of exchange online. Ours showed appointments that had been uploaded before switching to Exchange Online, but not new or changed ones. We had to change our ActiveSync email settings on the phone to match the Host Name on

    Android: Open email app > menu > more > account settings > incoming settings

    Set your Domain/Username to: /

    Change Exchange Server to your Outlook Host Name.

    Find the Outlook Host Name while on the computer browser inbox. Click the Quesion Mark Button at the top right-hand side of the page and select About from the drop-down menu. You will see Host Name: and it will match the URL you are currently on. Ours was:

    You may have to re-create your ActiveSync email account altogether. No worries with this approach, it will download all your emails and calendar appointments when finished. You may need to wait several minutes for the sync to occur after changing these settings.

    I hope this works for you. It did for us.

    I. Beckley

    Intern for

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  • Thanks for the post I.Beckley, I tried your changes, even re-created the ActiveSync Account on my HTC EVO phone, however, this doesn't correct the issues I'm having with the Calendar.  The problem persists exactly as I've defined above unfortunately, but thanks for the TIP. It was certainly with a try.

  • I'm seeing the same result as T.Marquez, we've also tried setting the Exchange Server value on the phone to and using the SMTP server address from OWA of

  • I was also experiencing this issue.

    insubbeckley was right. It worked with the following credentials: (don't use

    [Andriod Email App] (not Gmail App)


    Password: xxxxxxx

    Server: (NOT (this is the Host Name in your Exchange Online ? -> Options)