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Exchange ActiveSync changes may affect a small number of users

  • Exchange Online is making a change that affects how mobile devices using Exchange ActiveSync connect to their mailbox. This change will deploy over the next few weeks. Most users will not be affected and will not need to make any configuration changes to their device. However, a small subset of mobile devices is not running a fully compliant version of Exchange ActiveSync. These devices may experience connection errors because they are unable to properly process a redirection command. When you connect your mobile device to Exchange Online, the server that receives that connection has to redirect you to your mailbox. If the mobile device doesn’t understand that redirection command you’ll encounter errors.


    Most devices can be set up to connect to and won’t have problems. Some users may have previously configured their mobile device to connect to the “pod” address that is advertised to you in Outlook Web Access options. If your mobile device fails to connect, please follow the steps in the Mobile Phone Setup Wizard to configure your phone to connect to the site address for your account. You can find the site address by going to Help/About in Outlook Web App and looking for the host name. It will look something like this:



    Exchange Customer Experience Team

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  • I was directed to this based on a support case with MS...

    Through my case I was told:

    Your host name will change dynamically and there is no way of knowing when this happens aside from the fact that you will stop receiving email.

    This affects users running Android 2.33 - 4.

    The Mobile Phone Setup Wizard tells us to use the host name without any warning that this won't continue to work.

    How can you say Android is supported if it doesn't work anymore?

    Why not revert this change if it is going to cause problems for so many people?

  • Hi  RSG,

    Thanks for your post. I just want to confirm are you still facing this issue? If so, I would like you can create a new thread with the detail inforamtion (like, Office365 Plan version, what you have done, have you made some testing of other cellphone like iPhone or WindowsPhone)


    Neo Zhu

  • I am still facing this issue.

    I created a new thread

  • @RSG

    I was having the very same problem this morning with my settings on a new phone.  I was able to eventually work my way around the situation, but I still feel there is something that needs to be fixed, but in any event here is what I did.


    NOTE: This is NOT a permanent fix by any means, but hopefully it will get you working.



    Carrier: Sprint

    Model: Samsung Galaxy S II

    Android Version: 2.3.6


    I was unable to get the default settings working with   My previous phone is not having the same issue.  It was an HTC Incredible and in my reading it seems that it's happening differently for different phone models.   So after trying tons of stuff I have seen in the forums someone talked about trying something along these lines<>.  I found that this also didn't work, but it did lead me down another path of thinking.  I used<> in a browser which redirected me to my current server:  When I used that name it worked like a charm.


    The real catch however is that it will only work until they move my server.  I don't feel it's a fix by any means, but hopefully it can get you working and make your users experiencing the issue happy for a bit.


    Right now it seems to be that the redirection of is not working correctly for all phones.  I would be more curious to find out the differences in carrier then models or versions of android myself, but it's only because I have it working on a Verizon phone and not working on a Sprint phone.


    Hopefully it helped


  • I created an issue with Google because I am not getting any response here.

  • less than 1 hour and Google closed the issue

    Status:  FutureRelease  



    This should be fixed in ICS, after 4.0.3; there won't be a fix for earlier releases, though.

    now what can we do?

  • My mail server changed today. Out of the blue one of my smartphones would not connect to Exchange online after about noon. It is an AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note, which does not understand the "" server name redirection. My Sprint Photon 4G, however, does work with "" and was unaffected. The Note actually runs a more recent version of Android than the Photon, so I think it relates more to the carrier/mfr email client than Android itself, though it sounds like ICS may have a system-level fix that hopefully will work for everyone.

    I guess I'm thankful that ICS is coming to the Note (eventually), but I'm still angry at Microsoft for not providing any warning whatsoever (via email) to administrators that this change was coming. For every other hosted service I've used, when there was a change that could impact service, they would at least fire off a notice. I don't have time to scour these forums for things that "may affect a small number of users"...that's why I use a hosted solution. Something that said "server names will be changing over the next few weeks; if you use an Android mobile device and your server name is not configured as "" you may have to update your server name after the transition" would have been very helpful and I would have immediately have known what the issue was.

    Sounds like Microsoft will be periodically pulling the rug out from under Android users with no warning.

  • TheWu

    I used<> in a browser which redirected me to my current server:  When I used that name it worked like a charm.



    This is an awesome tip for finding the server name, thank you. Saves the trouble of logging into OWA on the smartphone screen and getting to the server name when Microsoft decides to change things when one is on the road and doesn't have access to a bigger screen. Thank you so much for posting this.

  • The problem is that the hosts are dynamic and can change based on failures, changes or load.

    My case with MS is still open pending a potential hotfix  applied in early March (fingers crossed)