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Disable Global Address List (GAL)

  • I am currently testing out a P1-plan.


    I need to disable the global address list or remove one of more users from the global address list.


    This in order to not reveal various users account. 


    I appreciate any answer.

  • Hello,

    From the Exchange Online Service Description (

    "Global Address List

    Exchange Online supports the Global Address List, an organization-wide directory of all mail-enabled users, distribution groups, and external contacts.

    Administrators can hide users, distribution groups, and contacts from the Global Address List by setting the HideInAddressList attribute for the object in on-premises Active Directory (if using the Directory Synchronization tool) or through Remote PowerShell. See the help topic Hide a User from the Shared Address Book in Office 365 for details."

  • Hi Mr Dahl

    Is there any option to disable few users emails id on office 365

    they are receiving emails on office365

    i want to put them back on local onpremises exchange server for a time period?



  • Hello masimk,

    It all depends on how you migrated the emails to O365 in the first place.

    In a hybrid coexistence scenario, you can remote move the mailbox back to your on-premises installation.

    In a staged migration scenario, you can remove the TargetAddress attribute from the on-prem mail object so that mail is not forwarded to the cloud address.