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Sharing Contacts between Outlook 2011 Mac and Outlook 2010 Win

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Hello all, 

Having some issues with sharing contacts on Outlook 2011 mac and outlook 2010 win

we have 3 Macs all sharing contacts

Mac1 has a few contacts shared and open fine on the windows box.

Mac2 and 3 has contacts shared the same way, same permissions, however are not showing in outlook 2010.

im lost here since all the permissions are set the same and shared the exact same way.

is there any tricks in getting contacts shared between the computers I might be missing?

back end host is office365

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  • Hi QuantumHP,

    I recommend you install the latest updates of Outlook 2011 and then check if the issue still persists.

    In addition, for more details, please refer to the link below:
    Share your Office 365 contacts

    Aaron Yuan

  • Hi QuantumHP,

    How are things going? Do you have any updates about the status of the issue?

    Keats Ge

  • Well we have updated and the problem still exists. I will take a look at the video listed in the link to see if there is anything we are missing.

    Just seems very odd that one user on outlook 2011 is able to share with outlook 2010 but the others who are setup the same way in the sharing permissions section are not able to pull it up

  • Actually to add some more information, the contacts are shared within outlook 2011 for Mac NOT on the office 365 site.

    They are basically being shared from pc to pc....

    Employee1 runs 2011 Mac

    Employee2 runs 2011 Mac

    Employee3 runs 2010 Windows

    For instance Employee1 has a contact list called HR/Benefits shared (on office 2011 Mac- shared settings per user are set as reviewer) those come up on Employee3's outlook 2010 under the shared contacts section displayed like this

    Employee1 - HR/Benefits

    So I go to Employee2's computer (another Mac 2011 user) and set the same permissions for a contact group Called Carolina. Save the permissions and then go add the shared contacts onto Employee3's outlook

    However when you add the shared contact group on Employee3's outlook 2010 all it displays is what is in her default contact list and shows up as


    And none of the contacts that show up are from the shared contact group called Carolina, they are all contacts from her personal contact list and not the contact group.

    I believe for it to work correctly it should state

    Employee2 - Carolina

    Just like the shared group displays for Employee1

  • Hi QuantumHP,

    To narrow down the root cause of the issue, I suggest you try to do the following actions.

    1. Check Employee2's default contact permissions, remove Employee3's permission.

    2. New a folder in Employee2's contact, and then add a testing user to the new folder.

    3. Share the new folder to Employee3, and then add the shared contact group on Employee3's outlook 2010.


    Keats Ge

  • Hi QuantumHP,

    How are things going? Do you have any updates about the status of the issue?

    Keats Ge