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Wrong Time ZONE

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So i created my mail box and didnt choose the right time zone during the setup wizard, so no big deal right? After I created the mail box I went into settings and changed it to EST USA well when i get the read receipt back from people it still shows the wrong time zone and it shows the default time zone that's selected during mail box setup? what gives it says it's the right zone now but reports a wrong one?

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  • Hello FrolovLLC,

    Read Receipts are by default generated with the server's time zone, which for Office 365 will always be set to GMT -8.  The read receipt itself should have a message stating that it is generated in GMT -8 to account for this difference.


    i still cannot fix the issue, can you check my account?

  • yeh not sure wtf is up with this, changed time zones yet it still reports wrong time zones? Microsoft fix this come on now, this is why we pay you the big bux

  • Hello FrolovLLC,

    Were you able to refer to my previous message?  Your local settings in OWA and Outlook won't affect read receipts.  By design they are generated in the server's time zone, which is always set to PST.  The messages show the time zone the message was generated in specifically to address this concern.

  • Are other users seeing strange times on READ receipts? Not only do the servers send back read receipts with the wrong time zone location (this is to other Office 365 mailboxes, other on-premise exchange, and 3rd party non MS mailboxes), but they are READ before they are SENT:

    Your message


      Subject: [REG:111102138130876] 111102138130876  TEST

      Sent: Tuesday, November 01, 2011 2:07:16 PM (UTC) Monrovia, Reykjavik

    was read on Tuesday, November 01, 2011 2:07:05 PM (UTC) Monrovia, Reykjavik.

    In the above example the message is READ 11 seconds before it is SENT?????

    I am also in London (UK) not Iceland, and my timezone is set to London UTC in OWA.

    It looks to me as though MS is using different time sources, and the O365 servers are not all set to the same time?

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  • This problem still exists as of mid-March, 2012, and it leaves one with a sense of unreliability. Can't Microsoft fix this?

  • tell me about it, i just left it alone no fix so far

  • I have the exact same issue UTC) Monrovia, Reykjavik.comes up on my read reciepts. Its seems i've changed my time zone everywhere i can

  • Ashley, you wont be able to change this, as you have no control of the the server timezone. This is set by Microsoft.

    I did log a ticket in October 2011 with Microsoft. I was told it was escalated as high as it could go, but would not be fixed as it was 'by design', I did argue the design was wrong, but their answer was they would do nothing about it so the ticket was closed.

  • Here is what I received from a Microsoft Senior Support Escalation Engineer:

    "These messages are time stamped with the date and the time of the server instead of the date and the time of the recipient mailbox. This is by design in Exchange Server. There is currently no method to work around or to change this behavior in on-premises deployments of Exchange Server."

  • Thanks for your help. Has anyone seen an update for this?  

  • Did anyone ever find a fix?

  • What I gather is: Microsoft is once again against does not care.  They close tickets and say it's fixed. No, no, no.  Don't check the question with "suggested answer(s)" when in fact it is not a fix, it is a COP out answer like most.    What is the point of having Read Reciepts - change them in both Outlook and 365 - to then figure out it doesn't matter because Microsoft doesn't care?

    Oh and Microsoft is stupid for making their reply with Defaulting as "this is suggest answer" check boxed. WTH?