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Android phone setup

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I can't find any settings or documentation on how to add an Android phone to Exchange (Office 365 standard). The mobile phone setup wizard in 365 support doesn't help -- I'd just like the server settings for Exchange ActiveSync (or Outlook Web App IMAP settings) so I can set up a number of different mobile devices for our vanity domain.


All Exchange mailboxes are set up and functioning fine via OWA and Outlook 2007 and 2010.  Autodiscover worked fine for the Blackberry's, but I currently have a user with an HTC Android 2.1 that cannot connect to the server no matter what we try. 


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  • Sure, I followed up the tip from wardenclyffe and above. So look up your https://amsprd........................ specific server info and used that as incoming mail server.

  • Actually, if you check out our post at you will see the statement on Android working with ActiveSync. Check back and let me know if that was helpful.

  • Didn't help me.

    I wonder if we should start a poll to count the number of Android users who has managed to connect using ActiveSync and not.

  • I tried following all of the various links to this thread to get my Office365 Outlook email working on a Droid X phone with no luck.

    I saw this article yesterday

    Are we wasting our time trying to get Outlook to work on Droid phones?

    Is there any chance we will see a Droid App written to make this all work?

  • More important is probably the Exchange client that is used. No problems here anyway with the Touchdown client, didn't try any others (two Android phones and one tablet).

  • We started a wiki (link is below) where you can view and contribute to learning more about Office 365 and android. Please list any issues or questions in the appropriate sections on the wiki.

  • place a \ for your username e.q. \


    it works on a samsung tablet 7, but not as good as on windows mobile, sync's slow

  • Just a quick FYI...HTC's do seem, accross the board to have issues connecting. Just thought I would confirm that.

  • The steps in this link do not seem to work.  Step one does not exist on my Droid X.  Please help.

  • I just set up my Atrix 4G Droid.  I thought I'd note what it took for anyone else who is trying to figure it out.  Several of your posts helped me.

    This uses a protocol called Corporate Sync  


    Password= same as for 365

    Email address=


    Account Name=  Account Name I used to subscribe to 365

    And that was IT!!  WOW, it took a few trys to figure it out, but having everyone's input make all the difference.

    David Martin you are supercool


  • Does anyone know why the android setup wizard gives odd instructions for the user name field:


                              Domain\Username   Use the domain\username format, for example\

                               Password   Use the password that you use to access your account.



    HTC MyTouch4G with the 2.3.4 update works great with:


      password=          password

      email address =


      domain <blank>

      account name = email address =

    This is an E-Plan with all DNS verified using remote connectivity analyzer.

    Prior to the 2.3.3 update, the Mytouch4g had a 2.2.4 with sync'd email fine but had glitches contacts/calendars and mail folders.

    Oh - even with 2.3.4 some complex subfolder structures cause a sync-loop which drains battery - this has only shown up in mailbox folders that did a manual migration from Exchange 2010 - either manual BPOS or 3rd party exchange host provider as source.


  • Just sharing that I have many with HTC's as well-hope this has been resolved even tho' I don't see it here...

  • Thanks David I tried this one and it worked for my Android :)


    Arun Paarthi

  • HI Deryl, I too am running 2.1. Did you ever get this to work? The settings posted here are all a bust.

  • Thanks David,

    Your note to leave the Domain blank did solve the head cracking solution to connect the exchange server to my android phone.

    Thanks a lot.