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Creating Shared Calendars

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I have tried and tried to create a shared calendar that everyone in our office can see, edit, etc.  Nothing seems to work.  What am I missing here?



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  • Hello Lisa,

    Have you as of yet tried making a shared mailbox that everyone can access and use the calendar there?

  • No, but shouldn't I be able to do this w/an existing user account?  Wouldn't think we would have to create another generic account to get this accomplished.

  • Hello Lisa,

    That depends on what you're trying to do.  If you want to just share out your own personal calendar, then you'll want to go into Outlook, go to your calendar, and use the 'Share Calendar' button.  That'll let you pick others in your company to share with.  When they accept your sharing request they'll be able to see your calendar in their own Outlook as a shared calendar.  After that, you just use the Outlook delegate features to give them access to your calendar, and they should be able to edit it freely depending on the permissions you give them.  Here's a link to our Office Online Help on how to use the delegate feature.

    That's the solution if you want to give everyone access to one person's calendar and have them edit that calendar.  If you want a shared calendar that isn't really anyone's own calendar and is instead shared by the team, then you'll want to use the shared mailbox instead.  It can have up to 10 concurrent users connected at the same time, and it doesn't consume one of your Exchange Online licenses.

  • Thanks!  I'll give this a try and see how it goes.