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Recover Deleted Emails and Folders

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I have two Exchange accounts that were completely cleared out by a user, and we'd like to recover as much as we can. I started to use the Recover Deleted Items tool as suggested by some of the Office 365 help files, but this only seems to recover items for folders that currently exist. Is there a way that I can bring back the Inbox sub-folders that were deleted?

Alternatively, is there a way that I can just restore these accounts to their contents from Thursday or early Friday? I'd be fine with not having emails that were sent/received in the time since then.


Thanks much.

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  • Hello nsideras-HBF,

    If you deleted sub-folders they should still be stored in the Inbox, where they were deleted from, or the Deleted Items folder itself.  If you can recover those, that should then grant you access to the deleted items for those folders as well.

  • Alexander,

    Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, I'm not seeing the deleted folders anywhere. Is there an equivalent to "Recover Deleted Items" for folders? Or is it possible for the support team to restore a backup? I'm not sure how to get directly in touch with them.

  • Hello nsideras-HFB,

    The folders are considered deleted items themselves, so they'd appear alongside everything else.  The only other thing I could suggest is to re-create those folders as they were originally named, and then see if you can access the recover deleted items folder for those folders using those new entries.  Unfortunately, it isn't possible to restore your account from a backup, as the backup in this case is the fact that the server holds on to everything you delete for a minimum of 14 days, and I believe you may be able to extend that using a retention policy.