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Distributionlist don't work in Outlook 2011 for Mac

  • I have this one user for my cleint who works with a Macbook Pro, he bought on our advice Office 2011 for Mac to work with the Exchange 2010 server online.


    Now, this user is a member of a couple of ditrubutiongroups on a secundary domain (not the primairy domain of their company We gave him permissions to 'send as' this group, zo he is able to recieve email send to a distributuiongroup and send as user/


    In Outlook 2011 for Mac, we added this emailalliasses/distributiongroups to his exchange account manually, but when he tries to send as, Outlook is telling him that it can't be send.


    What could be the problem?


    p.s. We set up even additional e-mail accounts for this distributiongroups by configuring the incoming/outgoing servers etc but still he isn't able to send this messages.


    Is it just Outlook 2011 for Mac or is it a fault in the settings?

  • Hello Chrisvr,

    I believe you can still Send As a distribution group you have Send As rights for in Outlook 2011 for Mac.  Is he specifically using the From: field to enter the distribution group name?  When you Send As that group, you don't send in the format of user/, you actually send as

  • Hi Alexander,

    For your information, this user has multiple emailadresses on this secundairy domain (besides his primary e-mailadres set as his Office365 useraccount) like:




    Because this is a secunday domain (whitout an additional office365 account), these emailadresses above are all set as distribution groups. By powershell, we gave this user the rights to 'Send as' zo he must be able to send email as using this distributiongroups.

    But (after we added this ditributiongroups in Outlook 2011 for Mac, as 'People who I am delegated for') he is able to pick one of this distributiongroups in the 'From' field, but when he tries to Send the message, Outlook tells him there has been een unexpected error and could not send this message as this distributiongroup!

  • Hello Chrisvr,

    Have you been able to send from his account using Outlook 2010 on a PC?  It may be a good idea to check, or alternatively to test from Outlook Web App, to confirm that the permissions have been setup properly.  Also, you can try these instructions to add an alias to the account instead of using a distribution group, which you can then add to Outlook:

    These instructions were written for the PC version of Outlook but you should be able to reproduce them in the Mac version as well.

  • I haven't been able to let him try send from his OWA account. I know he is able (in OWA) to select one of the distributiongroups for the "From" field.

    Isn't it that, besides the Distributiongorups and (both for the secundary domain verified on the same Office 365 account he is using for the primary domain I have to add these distributionsgroups as a 'Alias' to this User account?

    I checked in Poweshell if this user is granted for this distributiongroup to 'Send as' but he wasn't, so I set the cmdlets and now Powershell is letting me know that this particulary user is granted ..

    I will come back tomorrow to let you guys know if it is working perfectly..

  • Hello Chrisvr,

    You should be able to select the distribution group in OWA no matter what account your using.  It'll just fail if you don't have the right permissions is all.  As to your question, you can do this trick of allowing people to Send As another address with distribution groups or with an alias, whichever you prefer.  I just wanted you to have the option to try either.

  • In powershell i use this cmlet to see if this user (John Doe is granted to Send As for this distributiongroup:

    Get-DistributionGroup "" | fl name,grant*

    Name                : Information

    GrantSendOnBehalfTo : { Exchange Hosted Organizations/}

    Now this user (John Doe) is granted, but I see the Onmicrosoftcom Domain while the company is using their own domain ABC.COM. On this ABC.COM domain we set their credentials and e-mailadresses. XYZ.COM is a secundary domain (set up at their office 365 account)

    But doesn't is have to be "{ Exchange Hosted Organizations/   /john.doe} instead of Powershell showing me { Exchange Hosted Organizations/   /john.doe}



    Does it has something to do with Office 2011 for Mac (with SP1), we added all the e-mailalliasses/Distributiongroups he is delegated for to his Outlook 2011 but still letting us know that there's has been a unknown error)?


    p.s. he is able to Send As (a delegated user) for this distributiongroups with OWA

  • Hello Chrisvr,

    It doesn't need to be, as that line isn't referencing the domains for the company, but rather the company's organizational unit, which in this case is  It's basically saying 'user X of company Y' instead of '\username'.

    One thing to remember is that Send As rights aren't the same as Send On Behalf Of rights.  Both should work, but they are different beasts.  Did you specifically use these instructions?

    Also, if you can confirm that the permissions actually work by testing them in OWA or Outlook, then I'd recommend opening a post on the Outlook 2011 for Mac forums as it's likely that this is a problem with that software, rather than with the Office 365 services.

  • Hi Alexander,

    Thanks for the confirmation about the line for the domain thing.

    Alright, everything is set up correct by Powershell in the Exchange Online server. Even the other user, who is delegated to Send As this same Distribution Group, is able to Send As fromout OWA and even his Outlook 2007 App.

    So everything is set perfectly now for this Distribution Lists at this secundary domain.

    Probably it has someting to do with Office 2011 for Mac. I will report this issue at the Mac Forum, maybe someone has an explanation for this issue.

    Antoher solution would be to get an extra account for this secundary domain...