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POP account in office 365

  • Hello,


    I was wondering if anyone could offer up any suggestions.

    I’m starting to move a customer from an SBS 2003 server to Office 365. But ive run in to an issue. This customer has a main domain name of let’s say, this is fine as i can point this straight in to office 365, but he is also is involved with another company and has an email address of Which i dont have any control over. Till now he had a pop account setup on his server to receive the emails. But after the move overt to O365 the server will be turned off.

    I thought about setting the POP account on his PC, but if the PC is off then he will not receive the emails on OWA.

    Am I able to add an email pop account in to Office 365?


    Many thanks in advance for your time

  • Hello Hands on IT,

    In Exchange Online, you can connect to mailboxes external to the Exchange Online environment using the Connected Accounts feature.  In this case I'd suggest adding that account to the Connected Accounts for that user (go into his OWA, go to Options, and choose Connected Accounts) and also add the account as a 2nd POP mailbox in his Outlook.

    That way, when he's using Outlook he'll receive emails whenever Outlook retrieves email from that account, which can be every 5 minutes.  When he isn't using Outlook his account will use Connected Accounts to pull email out of that account once every hour.

  • Hi Alexander,

    Thank you very much for your help that seems to work well, with one exception. When the user sends an email through the connected mail account, it sends "on behalf of" is there away to "sand as"?

    Thanks again in advance

  • Hello Hands on IT,

    Unfortunately, there's no way to Send As a Connected Account.  The only way around that would be to make sure that when he's sending as that email address, he's doing it in Outlook using the specific account that he added as an extra POP account.

  • Thanks Alexander,

    Thats very helpfull and what i had expected.

    Thanks again for your time