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Exchange Federation

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Are there any guides available for configuring Exchange federation in order to open the Office 365 portal through the local Exchange 2010 EMC? I have found a few technet articles, listed below but continue to run into issues.

Basically I am able to run through the shell commands, but when I actually try to configure federation I get an error about Validation.



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  • Hello,

    I would suggest looking into the Exchange Deployment Assistant site and choose coexistence for the step by step guidance. Please let me know if you any questions.



  • Thanks Nima,

    Unfortunately the assistant says 'Exchange 2010 - Coming Soon' so no information for what I am trying to do. Any other thoughts?

  • Hi Jorge, the Exchange 2010 does say "Coming Soon" HOWEVER the 2003 or 2007 both have the steps needed to use an On-Premises 2010 server, so I would look into either of these and they WILL provide the steps and information needed to get you going!

  • Ryan,

    Thanks, I'll check out the 2003 page to see if I can find what I am looking for. Just an FYI, the 2007 does still say Coming soon as well:


  • Hi Jorge,

    In order to connect on-premises Exchange 2010 EMC to Exchange Online, you need first deploy Directory synchronization and single sign-on. This link ( gives you detailed steps to accomplish this. Directory Synchronization is not needed for Exchange Federation Organization to Organization sharing but is only required when federating between an on-premises environment and the Office 365 environment. The Online Help cmdlet reference at (
    is also provided for you.

    Best regards,