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How do I share my office 365 calendar with Hotmail/office online calendar?

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I've tried sharing my Office 365 default Calendar, but only get an option to publish online to WEBDAV server. The Share Calendar option is grey and will not allow me to click it?


What am I doing wrong here?



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  • Oh, additional information.  I just recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8. The live tile for the windows 8 tile calendar is the Hotmail calendar.  This calendar is not synced with my outlook calendar, but I need it to be.

  • Tried sharing Hotmail calendar to my outlook address ( address) and this is the message I receive after I accept the invitation every time.

    Sharing error

    Sorry, this invitation isn't valid anymore. The sender may have taken away your permission, or you may have already declined this invitation. If you'd like to see this calendar, ask its owner to share it with you again.

  • Hi Jack,

    If you want to share the Office365 calendar to Office online calendar, you can use the Microsoft Office Outlook Calendar Sharing Service to publish and share and calendars on Microsoft Office Online with other people. You have control over who can view the calendar and who can remove the calendar at any time.
    Please refer to the following link to Publish a calendar on Office Online:
    If you want to share the hotmail calendar to Office 365, the calendar is published at a public URL, and isn't blocked from search engines.
    Please refer to the following link:

    Jason Jiang

  • Hi Jack,

    How is everything going? Do you have any updates about the status of the issue?
    Jason Jiang

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  • I still cant get this to work.  I do not get the options shown in the instructions on the first link you gave.  I pasted the first 2 steps of the instructions.  These are the same instructions I tried to fallow before.  As I previously stated, I am only getting the option to publish online to WEBDAV server

    I need more specific help please.

    1.In Calendar, in the Navigation Pane, right-click the calendar you want to publish.

    Note   If you are using the Navigation Pane in Minimized view, in the Navigation Pane, click Button image, click Navigation Pane, and then right-click the calendar you want to publish.

    Tip   If you want to publish your default Calendar, click Publish My Calendar in the Navigation Pane, and then proceed with step 3.

    2.On the shortcut menu, point to Publish to Internet, and then click Publish to Office Online.

  • Hi Jack,

    Since you want to share the calendar to external users, publish online to WEBDAV server is the only solution.
    After you publish the calendar, the external user will receive an invitation to invite you to view his or her Microsoft Exchange Calendar. You can use a browser or copy and paste the Web address into your Web browser.
    For instructions on how to view shared folders on Exchange, see the following article:

    Jason Jiang