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Warning: Office 365 Service Upgrade causing SERIOUS problems

  • I want to warn anyone who is coming up on their Service "Upgrade" to the new 2013 features.  This upgrade has not happened "in the background" as Microsoft has communicated in their emails about the upgrade.

    First, the pre-"upgrade" communications stated the upgrade was to happen in March but started February 19 or 20th.  This was when we had massive delays on emails being sent and received.  Then, several users reported that emails they were receiving were truncated, cut off at random intervals in the email.  This was affecting all users.  One user also reported weird things with his emails, such as when he hit the button to Forward an email it would open the email as if it was from the person he received it from, their name in the From: box (which normally the From: field does not appear unless it is specifically selected to appear) and his automatic signature was not appearing.  Calendar permissions across the entire organization were changed/removed at random.  Some users had access to some of their shared calendars while losing permissions to others.  Delegate access for certain users and room resources were changed/removed.  Some users Outlooks would no longer connect to Exchange Online, kept asking for passwords.  New users are taking days to filter down to the Address Book in Outlook.

    This was over three weeks ago and we are still experiencing these issues.  Technicians I have been working with have told me it is a server-side issue that they are working on and that we are not the only company to be experiencing these problems.  However the workarounds that I was told were working for other companies is NOT working for us.  

    Those workaround are either:

    1. Re-build the users entire profile.  We have 80+ employees and this would be a a large amount of time to get this done, especially the users with large amounts of email.

    2. Change Download Preferences to Download Full Items, hold down shift, press F9, release shift and then F9 and any corrupt/truncated emails will be fixed.

    Number 1 worked for emails already received that were corrupt/truncated but as soon as new emails were received the problem returned for the new emails.  The profile rebuild also did not fix the calendar permissions problem, that I had to go around and manually change permissions and re-add calendars.  Same with the delegate permissions problem, al had to be manually re-done.

    Number 2 would fix some of the truncated email issues but like number 1 the problems came back with new emails being downloaded.

    More than three weeks of lost work and client relations.  Please make sure that if your upgrade is coming you have full backups of all your mailboxes.  If I had full backups of everything we could have switched to another email service and not had to deal with Microsoft and their upgrade problems.

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  • I have had the exact same issues, except MS could and still cannot help.

    4 weeks later I am still having issues with Mac Clients connecting. The service is a joke, when you log a Service Call no one comes back to you, if you are based in the UK good luck, as they seem to take a day and an age to come back to you with the time difference and when they do the information is not useful.