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Audience Compilation

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My audiences have remained uncompiled for days.   Is there anything I can do to force a compile, or what is the compilation schedule?

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  • That is what I would like to know as well. We are currently testing with audiences and having them compiled would definitely help!


  • I would like to know as well - seems a bit random - have had one compliation but that was awhile ago - had assumed a daily task - but does not appear to be!

  • Hi Bob,

    Since no one seems to be responding, and I don't have O365 Enterprise to confirm, you might want to check out these instructions that I found over in the user's guide.


    1.On the SharePoint Online Administration Center page, click Manage User Profiles.

    2.On the Manage User Profiles page, under People, click Manage Audiences.

    3.On the Manage Audiences page, click Start compilation.


    1.On the SharePoint Online Administration Center page, click Manage User Profiles.

    2.On the Manage User Profiles page, under People, click Manage Audiences.

    3.On the Manage Audiences page, click Specify compilation schedule.

    4.On the Specify Compilation Schedule page, click Enable scheduling to turn on audience scheduling.

    5.Select a start time from the Start at drop-down list.

    6.To schedule compilations at this time every day, select Every day.

    7.To schedule compilations on certain days of the week, select Every week on, and then select the days you want to compile audiences.

    8.To schedule compilations once a month, select Every month on this date, and then select the day of the month on which to compile audiences.

    9.Click OK.

  • Interesting - and indeed on a "normal" instance of SharePoint it's easy - but on O365 I cannot see/find or don't have access, to either manual or scheduled triggering of compliation - either it's a background task or its well hidden - But thanks anyway

  • Hi Bob,

    In that case, you may want to send a Feedback request for the ability to compile/schedule; or you can submit a service request to ask them to compile it.

    Also, I did find an article on writing a program to compile -- there's a bit of code to authenticate against SharePoint Online, and then some code to do the compilation. But, I'm not a SharePoint developer, so I really can't do much more than point you to the article:

    Again, you may want to submit a Service Request and ask them to do an audience compilation.

  • Hi All,

    Yeah, I feel the same way. I can't seem to find any buttoms, too. What's going on?

    Anyway, I hope this problem will be resolved by the upcoming GA.

    Take care,

  • In the meantime, you should submit a Service Request and ask them to manually do a compilation for you. (You'll find the Service Request link over on the left-hand side of the Admin home page.

  • New Information. Service Requests are only for billing or subscription issues. Office 365 for Small Business does not include any technical support other than this forum. A link was posted by an MSFT moderator for another thread:

    If you want technical support, you'll need to contract with a Microsoft Partner, or move to an Office 365 Enterprise.

  • Hi SamSBook,

    Thank you for providing me with the information.

    I can utilize Service Requrests because we are O365 Enterprise users. As your suggestion, I'll try it.

    Take care,

  • Does somebody have any status on this? I would like to compile my audiences by myself!

  • Hi CloudinCPE!

    I heard from an MS support member  that currently Audience Compilation will be performed *automatically* once a week. But he said, that will be performed on a daily basis in the future.


    In Japan, that compilation is done at 01:00 JST on every Saturday.



    Japanese Hyena

  • Hello,

    I have the same problem, it is very "boring" to wait weelky the compilation ... we are in 2013 and have to wait 1 week it is very strange from Microsoft ... !!!

  • 2¢ more...  This is the type of tenant administration pain point that makes SharePoint Online and O365 look bad.

    The delay between when the tenant administrative change is made and when the change is available for use makes the tenant admin feel unsatisfied with the feature and less than empowered.  

    Further those on whose behalf the change was made likely regard hearing, "it has been configured for you, please just wait until Monday for Office 365 to realize it," dubiously.

    Making this feature more responsive to tenant admin changes is a would-be-win, just waiting to be compiled.