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Title of a User

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I would know if there is a way to modify the Title section of a User in Site Actions => Site Settings => Users and Groups. I see that I have a precise title for each user, but i can't find nowhere to modify it. 

If I go in the Administration => Users, the fields which are filled aren't visible elsewhere !

Same problem when i use the Contact Details WebPart, it add a Function label which i don't know the origin !

Thanks for your answer.

Best regards

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  • Hi GwenSP,

    For the title of a user under the route (Site Actions>Site Settings>People and groups), do you mean you want to know how to modify the information under Title column about user?

    These users’ information are synchronized from the Office 365 portal. You can change these information on the Office 365 portal.
    1. Log into the Office 365 portal admin page.
    2. Under Management, click Users.
    3. Check the user name, click Edit.
    4. Under the user information page, click Details.
    5. Under Additional details, you can edit the information about the user, such as Job title, Department.
    6. Click Save. It may take some time to propagate the whole system, such as SharePoint Online.

    Regarding to Contact Details Web Part, when you said “it add a Function label which I don't know the origin”, what do you mean by referring this? It will be nice if you can provide a screenshot about this.

    Ida Qiu

  • Hi,

    Sadly, I've already do the steps you gived to me.

    For example, when I go to the Administration, and i change the details, i can't found them on the Team Site.

    I will take for example a user, with his "Fonction" (in French, I think that in English it will be "Title" or "Function"). It's empty on the form:

    The, when I go on the Team Site, in the Users and Groups section, I can see that the "Titre" (Title or Function) is filled:

    Concerning the Contact Details WebPart, the "Fonction" is filled when I checked the checkbox "Fonction":

    For information, the "Fonction" is filled with the same information as in the Users and Groups List in the Team Site settings.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Hi GwenSP,

    Thanks for your screenshot.

    Generally, when you update the user’s detailed information under Office 365 portal, it will take some time to propagate the changed results on the whole service system. Please wait some time to check if the result works on SharePoint Online.

    Regarding the Contact Details Web Part, it’s used to display details about a contact for this page or site. The contact’s details also keep steps with details on Office 365 portal. Once the synchronization finishes between Office 365 portal and SharePoint Online, please check if the contact details work normally.

    Ida Qiu

  • Hi GwenSP,

    Just checking to see if things are going well on your side? If you need additional assistance please let us know.

    Ida Qiu