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Visual upgrade of SharePoint online sites

  • If you received an email from us requesting that you run a visual upgrade on your SharePoint online sites and have a question, please respond to this forum post. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

    You can also check out the frequently asked questions page for answers to common questions.

    Addition 10-JUL-2012: Please note, this thread is in reference to a specific email message that will be sent almost exclusively to customers who transitioned from BPOS to Office 365. Of course, we've had a couple delays with getting the email out to the first group of customers.

  • Hi Mike,

    On the FAQ page you linked to, not one link seems to work, I just tried and everyone came back as not found.

  • Thanks Robert. Not sure what happened there--an additional URL was pre-pended to the one I entered.

    Fixed it.

  • This upgrade is available for all plans ?

  • This thread is mainly applicable to customers who transitioned to Office 365 from BPOS. It's possible to have a site collection with the SharePoint 2007 view if you copied templates from an on-premises SharePoint server to SharePoint Online, but I doubt many customers have this.

  • OK, thanks for the info.

  • I get a page not found error.

    Here's what the link sends me to:

  • Sorry about that. Link is fixed.

  • I'm really becoming frustrated with the number of Office 365 Help links that do not work.

    From your above faq, both links under the heading "How do I do a visual upgrade on my SharePoint Online sites" do not work.

    Please fix.

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  • For anyone else reading this thread, here are the links that are broken on the FAQ page;

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  • Fixed.

  • I, too, received email about Visual Upgrade. But when I went to my moved BPOS site there was no Visual Upgrade in the list. Could it be that Marketing is outpacing the techs ability to roll out Visual Upgrade?

    I will check back later.

  • There should have been a list of URLs at the end of the email. When you click on each link, it should take you to the Visual Upgrade feature.

  • You are correct. That worked.

    How about really BIG PRINT for dummies like me?  GO ?HERE !   :-)

    Thanks for your help


  • LOL.

    Yeah, good point. I was worried about the edge scenario where I wouldn't have a list of URLs. But I could've been more creative with dynamic text. Next time!